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The Box

Not exactly sure what this month's theme is but I believe it is similar to Autumn Beauty and fall fashion.  The box came with 3 different "cards".  One of them is of course the normal contents card, another I think was promoting a brand or website (can't remember) and the last was a Fall Look-Book.  I like the look-book I thought it was a nice add in.  The book basically shares ideas and fall trends with outfits, nails and makeup.

twistband Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie | set of 6-12, $14-22
"Designers went gaga for lace this season and we don't blame them.  Get on Board with these ouch-free hair ties"

I received one of these twistbands in a previous box, it was a pink one.  I did like it at first but was not fond of receiving another.  It is just a piece of elastic tied in a knot at the end and called a hair tie.  I do like the lace pattern on it but I am not a fan of the knot on the end.  I think I will undo the knot and just sew the ends together and make it smaller.  It tends to slip off my hair easily as well.  I will stick to my Goody or goodie elastic hair ties.  I was told you can make these yourself for a cheap price and was shared a website.  I think I might just do that.. Check it out yourself!

BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir | $47-83 for fullsize
"With waves of ripe fruit and a base of heady jasmine, this luxurious scent is the perfect accessory to fall outfits"

I really like the scent.  It has a feminine, rich and slightly strong scent to it.  Sadly, the sample was some what empty when I opened it but yay for the spray pump!  I don't purchase perfume that much, so I probably won't be purchasing this but I sure wouldn't mind another sample.  Let me know how your sample came? was it slightly empty like mine?

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuventor | $34 for fullsize
"This exfoliating cleanser uses effective microderm crystals and papaya enzymes to brighten dull skin"

I have used this and I have to say I like it.  The texture on your skin feels a little like baking soda paste.  You know when you mix a little water with baking soda?  It feels like that.  It did leave my skin feeling clean and fresh but cannot tell if it brightened it up, since I only used it once and didn't really look at my face clearly.  It also smells really good!  Smells like the cucumber melon makeup wipes.

WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit | $19 for fullsize
"Wash away dirt and debris with the camellia oil-infused gel cleanser, then perfect your skin with the moisturizing face tint"

This little kit came with 2 gelled oil cleanser and 1 skin finish moisturizing tint.  I did not take a photo of the cleanser but it was a clear based gel.  However, it did work fairly well.  The package states that you should rinse with a warm cloth to remove the impurities and makeup.  I used a makeup wipe instead.  I know it beats the point but I didn't want to wet any of the towels I had.  My face however was clean and felt quite clean and soft but I went in with my Sirius Sonic and cleanser anyway (just a habit).  After going in with my cleanser my skin felt cleaner but was still soft.

I have not used the face tint on my face but just swatched it because the shade I got seemed a bit too light.  It does smell quite good.  It is light weight and creamy easy to blend.  You will either need to really blend this in or use a good setting powder because I did notice that it settle into my fine lines on the back of my hand.  The packaging was a great idea!.. because there is no way a person would need all of the product for a one time use.  You really just need a little bit and can probably layer for more coverage.  The only thing I have to say about the package is, Do Not Open Unless you are ready to use it because the product will just ooze out of the hole automatically.

The Brush Guard Brush Guard Variety Kit | $5.50 for fullsize, set of 4
"Slip these handy protectors over your makeup brushes to keep bristles in top-notch condition even when you're on the go"

The website basically states that these brush guards will keep the bristles on your brushes in shape and protects them from dirt and dust while inside your makeup bag or whatever bag you store them in.  I know that Sigma came out with brush guards a long time ago and were meant to help retain the shape of your makeup brushes after being washed.  These can do the same thing but for a cheaper price (stated on the package).  I don't need these but they will come in handy for my face brushes.  Especially the more bigger ones that are not as dense.

Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish | $8 for fullsize
"We teamed up with Color Club to create this custom shade, inspired bu the Fall 2012 collections"

Birchbox and Color Club joined forces to bring us 4 nail polishes exclusively for birchbox.  I believe the polishes were inspired by social media.  I received "Put a Pin in It" which is the one I wanted! Yay! It's similar to the foil line color club came out with.  It is a rose gold type of shade and I absolutely love it! It is great for an all over color and great for stamping.  I will def. be purchasing the full size on birchbox.

I am a bit iffy about this month's box.  Nothing special.  The nail polish is by far my favorite.  Everything else was ehh but the box was not terrible.  It was actually an okay/good box.  Which box did you get this month?

Next month Birchbox is teaming up with GOOP for a collaborated birchbox.  I did opt out of it and decided to take my chances with the regular October birchbox with is "transformation" themed.  Did you opt in? or out for the GOOP box?

Did you like my birchbox this month and missed my past birchboxes?.. You can view all my birchbox reviews at the following: label/Birchbox

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