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Hello Hello! I hope you guys are following me on my social networks.  I updated a little on why I have been MIA as well as posted a "blog down" post.  I'm not going to go into details about what's been going on but I have been having relationship issues I had to think about and a lot of oral/powerpoint presentations I had/have to prepare.  I have a busy schedule this semester when it comes to school.

Now onto what my first post back will be on! MYGLAM! All I have to say is "Way To Go MyGlam"!  This month was a great month in my opinion.  I know not everyone is happy every month.. cause I know for the past few months there were products I was unhappy about but this month I am one of those lucky glammies that is completely satisfied.  Want swatches? as well as my thoughts? you know what to do! click the button below!

September Bag:

They had 3 cards in this month's bag.  One of them was announcing that MG changed their name to "ipsy".  The other card had little photos of glammies.  With all the little photos you would think it would be a different person in each photo.. but if you look carefully you will notice they used the same photos of the same people over and over.  Did your photo make the post card?  The last card is a $20 off coupon for JustFab.  If you are planning on using it remember that it expires Oct. 14!

The bag this month is very cute.  It is a wristband bag! I have to say the material is not bad for this bag as well but I think their past 2 bags are by far my favorites.  It is sturdy and not flimsy or thin like past  Ipsy (MG) bags.

Carols Daughter: Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer
"Seal 93.3% of split ends instantly with this repairing lotion that binds the separated ends of hair so you can skip the trim & keep the length.   Monoi Oil repairs hair damage, Carob Seed Extract binds hair fibers together, Babassu Oil helps strengthen hair’s structure from within" - Carols Daughter website

It is a light weight split end repairing serum.  The scent is very light weight and fresh.  I think the best time to use this is when your hair is still slightly damp but everyone's hair is different.  The sample tube seems like it is filled to the top, so I'm hoping that this sample will last me long enough to see if I see a little difference.  The full size bottle retails for about $25 on their website.

Mirabella: Eye Colour in Semi-Formal
"Alluring array of intense shimmer, sheen and matte pressed mineral eye shadows. Available in 36 shades. Paraben-free; Talc-free" - Mirabella website

This color is great for fall!! You already know how I love neutral/bronze shadows.. I have so many already but another one won't hurt.  I think it would go great with any skin tone.  I was reading the comments on the myglam website.  People were complaining that it did not go well with their fair skin or it was too close to their skin tone.  Assuming everyone got the same color if it is too close to your skin tone, you can use it as a transition/blending color.  It works great on lighter skin tones as well.. really warms up the eyes.  It also would look great on the bottom lash line.

People were also complaining about the packaging because many of them do not own any palettes.  Well you can purchase an empty ELF quad from target or on their website for $1 and go to any pizza place to get a refrigerator magnet.  Chop that to fit the pan and it would work.  You can also make your own palette out of an old empty cd/dvd case if you don't mind gluing down your eyeshadow pan.  Thrift shops sell these cd/dvd cases for dirt cheap! (goodwill is a great example).

Their eyeshadows retail for $10! Costs a little less than the mac pan shadows.  Mac shadows are more smooth if that makes any sense lol.

Jane.: Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink
"Your lips will relish in the moisture-rich, Vitamin E infused formulas for a variety of gorgeous lip looks. Wear alone, over lipstick or mix and match to create custom shades. With every purchase of the Friends of Jane lip collection, sit pretty knowing that 100% of the net proceeds support a charitable organization geared towards empowering women." - Jane. website

Another lipgloss.  As you guys know we got one by myglam last month.  The colors are quite similar but not exacts.  This one is redder and more pigmented.  The color fits my skin tone well and is a color I would purchase myself.  It fits it's name perfectly very sparkly and is a pretty berry color.  The scent is a little weird.. its like a very light mix of a fruit scent and some sort of cookie or cotton candy scent.  but very light.  It could also be crayon haha.. I know completely different but I can't put my finger on it.  It is great alone but would look awesome on top of a lipstick.

This lipgloss is part of a trio set sold by Jane.  The other 2 glosses are different.  One is sheer and the other a high pigment one.. this is the shimmery one.  The set retails for $9.99.

London Soho New York: Smudge Brush
"The SOHO Smudge Brush is the perfect tool for creating a modern smoky eye and works great for smudging liner, blending colors, and for applying shadow directly into the lash line. The brush has a sleek, lightweight aluminum handle with a dense, contoured brush head for superior application" - LSNY website
I am pretty impressed with this brush.  I love round/tapered brushes.  Perfect for the crease and outer corners of the eye.  It is soft not scratchy and doesnt seem to shed, very sturdy.  The handle is a pretty berry pink color as well!  Matches the Jane. lip gloss.  I would compare it to the contouring brush by elf which is $3.  The SOHO smudge brush runs for $5.49 online at walmart.  The only difference is the elf brush is smaller and denser.

Circus by Andrea's Choice: in Tightrope
"I love the circus. I love everything about it. The makeup. The animals. The energy. And of course the colors.  This month, the CIRCUS collection is complete with the latest color, Tightrope. This rich purple hue is one of the hottest shades of the season, and one of Andrea's personal favorites. Stay tuned later this month for a special announcement from Andrea about her exclusive nail colour collection"

My bag got squished during transit I guess.  This is how the nail polish came, good thing it didn't break I would have been really upset.  This is a beautiful purple nail polish! The formula seems good and comes out matte.  By far my favorite out of the three I received which were the orange and yellow.  I am sure I would have loved the pink lol! The polishes should be available for purchase soon.  Depending on the price.. I just might purchase the pink and white one.  Sadly, those were the ones I wanted.. isn't it funny how I got the ones I didn't want haha (I'm sure it happened to many of us).

-non flash-


When I opened my bag and saw this polish I instantly thought of Charisma by Zoya.  It is also a pretty (almost neon) matte purple.  So I had to compare them side by side.  Would probably be more proper for swatches on my nails but I have polish on my nails already and I am loving it.  By far must be my favorite fall color (you will see in future posts).  Charisma and Tightrope are quite close but you can clearly see the difference.

This month's bag is well worth the $10.  I mean the eyeshadow alone is $10, so everything else is a plus.  I love everything in the bag.  As for the bag itself I think I will find a way to customize it and decorate it to my liking.  The pure black just seems a little too plain lol.  I think this is the first bag where there wasn't a single thing I hated.

Did you like my MG this month and missed my past MG reviews?.. You can view all my MG reviews at the following: label/Myglam


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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