Birchbox: October 2012

Let me start by saying that this review/post is different than my usual because I am extremely tired and did not care too much about the products in the box.  Overall, it was a nice box but could be better.

The theme for this month was Transformation.  I believe they had a collaboration box this month with Goop but I opted out and I am glad I did because the boxes didn't seem that great, except for the full size Essie polish.  However, I still like my box better.

Mighty Leaf:
I got 3 different flavors of mighty leaf teas.  I haven't opened it because I will be giving them to my friend Melissa.  I have a box of mighty leaf tea pouches already and the box includes the flavors I got in my BB.

I received 2 samples from the Liqwd brand for hair.  I got the Deep conditioner and stuff for "the perfect wave" beach hair style.  I haven't tried them yet because I am trying to use up a bunch of other hair samples.

Harvey Prince:
Hate the packaging.. prefer the spray version.  It smells ok.. but I didn't really care much for it because I get so many perfume samples from these beauty boxes that most of the time I just toss it on my counter.

Mox Botanicals Lip Butter:
Smells good and feels nice.. but I don't feel a huge difference.  I'm also not a fan of lip products that are not in a tube.  I don't like using my finger or having to grab a lip brush.  I like things a bit more simpler.  I'll stick to my nivea milk and honey chapstick.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer:
I was a little dissapointed in the sample size.  It's more of a eyeshadow size.. but better than a blister product right?.. I thought it would be a tad bit bigger.  It is a beautiful highlight and quite pigmented!  I use it as a regular brow bone highlighter and a slight highlighter on my cheeks.

I know I usually do a better review of my boxes but I have so much stuff for school to do.. I'll just admit that I'm a bit tired lol.  Also, I should add again that I am a little tired of Birchbox.  The sample sizes are not satisfying and I have been wanting to drop them for a while but I'm staying in for the points.  I'm 40 away from $60.  Plus, I can't seem to decide what I want from the shop and sadly, that is keeping me around haha

BTW I wanted to let you guys know that if you refer someone or someone uses your link make sure they tell you.  Also, be sure to check your account a month after their first box, if you don't get those points email BB.  My friend used my link and had to be on waiting list.. then Birchbox sent her an email with a link that subscriptions were open and she signed up.  So I didn't get my points until I emailed them and they confirmed she was a subscriber.  The same happened to another friend of mine and she had to email them.

Did you like my birchbox this month and missed my past birchboxes?.. You can view all my birchbox reviews at the following: label/Birchbox

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  1. ehh. i don't like my october box..just wondering about the size of sample products of birchbox!!
    they are minimizing the package like hell..does not look like a $10 box,right?

    1. Which one did you get? did you get the goop or regular? and I agree this month's bag was def. not $10


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