[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Dark Shadows Blu-Ray combo pack!

Hello!  I have been given an opportunity to host a giveaway for the Dark Shadows Blu-Ray Combo Pack! I figured why not!  I have not seen the movie myself nor do I own a blu-ray dvd player lol.  However, I do plan on having a movie night of my own when I get my hands on the dvd!  Want to have a movie night for yourself as well?  Then be sure to keep reading for a chance to win!

I have used this app that you see below and took the "Are You Creepy Enough? Quiz"  I am "You are... A CHILD OF THE LIGHT At the midnight hour you are more likely to be found raiding the fridge for a snack rather than howling at the moon. You’re grounded in reality yet I bet sometimes you linger over to the dark side. Red to you probably symbolizes roses...not blood, but a trip to the haunted mansion should not be out of the question. Nevertheless, all beings serve a higher purpose...Barnabas needs you regular humans to feed on;)

The quiz is a simple 5 questions and takes like 10 seconds.  I love the makeup in the movie ( I have seen commercials) and I love Tim Burton movies!

The Rules:
There will be no rafflecopter for this giveaway.  Just leave your entries and answers in the comments section below.  I will use random.org to choose the winner on the 16th and email the company that is providing the prize. Good Luck to you all!

1) Must be a FOLLOWER via GFC, Networked blogs or blog'lovin (tell me which way you are following by and your name)
2) Leave your email below (Used only to contact the winner)
3) Take the "Are You Creepy Enough" Quiz and tell me what your result is
  • Be sure to answer all 3 of the above questions in the comments section of this post.
  • One entry per person
  • I believe this is open to US, Canada & International
  • If all rules are not followed your entry will not be counted
  • I will email the winner on the 16th and will have 24 hours to respond since the giveaway ends on the 18th.  I don't want to take any chances on missing the prize.

Disclaimer: I am working together with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  They are supplying the materials for this giveaway to celebrate their dvd release of the film DARK SHADOWS.  I am not being compensated or receiving a copy of the prize or dvd for myself.. this is only for my readers. =)


  1. 1) I'm a follower. GFC - Melissa Mason
    2) lilyelement(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Thank you for the sweet giveaway, I'd love to win this! <3
    1) GFC follower: Mary DeBorde (aka M.A.D.)
    2) zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com
    3) Collins Creep-tastic :D

  3. I'm a gfc follower. I got creepily conservative.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  4. 1. GFC - Brittany Faries
    2. brittany_faries@yahoo.com
    3. Creepily Conservative
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  5. 1. GFC - Kurnia E Putri
    2. nia.putrinia@gmail.com
    3. Creepily Conservative

  6. GFC - Breanne
    bmweida at yahoo dot com
    I'm a child of the light

  7. GFC- G K

    kstewownsme at hotmail dot com

    I'm Creepily Conservative.

  8. GFC: Little Miss Spooky
    Email: Helentarason@hotmail.com
    and my result was : You are... COLLINS CREEP-TASTIC!

  9. GFC: Nik
    email: coma_nik@yahoo.com

    My result is Creepily conservative

  10. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. GFC and Networked Blogs: Matt Ferrell
    2. Email: animasou@comcast.net
    3. Result: Creepily Conservative

  11. 1) GFC (Carolsue)
    2) Digicats@sbcglobal.net
    3) I am creepily conservative

  12. gfc jelaws5
    email: aunteegem@yahoo.com
    I am a child of the light

  13. I follow on GFC Jane Toney
    email janetoney@comcast.net
    I am child of the light

  14. 1. GFC Pretty and Polished Pointers
    2. prettypolishedpointers dot yahoo dot com

  15. 1) I am a GFC follower! (Jennifer Young)
    2) email- jenniferyoungcoupons@gmail.com
    3) Creepily Conservative


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