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Hello all! This is a long overdue review.  I was given an opportunity to try any product I wanted from a costume website.  I did not see any costumes I was interested in, so I decided on a wig.  I love wavy/curly hair and was looking for a pretty mermaid one.  It was quite hard trying to find a length and color that would look right on me and I thought I found the perfect one (with some help from a friend of course).  The one I chose was the Delux Sultry wig.  Click the read more for the full review.

So I got my wig from "" their price is $29.99.  They have a variety of wigs on their website but at the time I was browsing there were a lot that were not in stock.  It looks very full and has pretty curls!


I cannot remember what carrier the package came from but it took about 5-7 days to arrive.  It comes in a plastic type clear bag with the main photo in the front.  It has an elastic netted cap inside that is secured to the wig that can be stretched to fit different head sizes.  It is synthetic and the tag states that it can be washed and brushed to "desired" style.

First Impressions:

I was extremely excited when the wig came because I could not wait to put it on.  My boyfriend was in my room the same time I tried it on and his words were "your face looks fat" lol!! I had to laugh because it was true.  I think that because the curls make the bottom of the wig so thick and full and the top was sort of flat made my face look weird.  My first thought when I took out the wig was "eww it's a little scratchy and I thought it was a little darker".. I also didn't pay attention too much to the top of the wig when I picked it out.  I notice now that the front of the wig is very flat in the photo and figured it might be the photo but nope the top front part is really flat.  It also seemed quite tangled.

The wig looks a bit frizzy and is not soft at all.  When I think of curls or waves I tend to think soft and touchable.  This wig was not touchable.  From a distance you can tell that the wig is not soft and looks uncomfortable to wear.

I did some research online about how to take care of a wig or clean it because I figured maybe if I got it to it's original state it would be more wearable.  unfortunately after hours of trying to wash and condition and restyle it, in the end it turned out to be the same as it was when I first received it. (All of the photos taken were before I tried to "fix" it)


Long length
Stretchable to fit head size
Net is comfortable to wear
Is exactly like the photo (but when taken with flash (on my camera) it looked lighter)
Fast Shipping


A bit itchy because it was frizzy and not soft
Hard to brush and clean (even with my fingers)

Final Thoughts:

2 out of 5 stars.  I gave this product 2/5 stars because the shipping was fast and it was quite similar to the given photo on the website.  Also Christie (the person) I was keeping in contact with during this process was very nice, helpful and patient with me.

I certainly would not purchase this wig.  They have many other inexpensive wigs I would be willing to give a try for fun but I think I will stay away from this type or look closer to the photos.  Also, be sure to always read reviews if you see them or look online.  There weren't any available either.. so it was a hard choice.

Where did I get it?:

For those of you that would like to give the website a try.. they have many products.  Costumes, accessories, costume makeup, and wigs. You can go to

I hope this review was some what helpful.  I have tried wigs off of ebay and I have to say they are very inexpensive and super soft and comfortable =)..  I have been searching online for anime wigs.. so if you have any ideas.. be sure to let me know =).  Don't forget I still have my BagBlaze GIVEAWAY up till the end of the month!

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review by the kindness of the company, I am not getting paid for my review.. as always everything is my honest opinion.


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