Influenster Updated Website Launch!

Ahhhh I have been seeing my review of the bath and body candles on the front page of influenster this whole week!! =)  woohoo!! haha I know it's not a big deal but it's my first time being on the front page of a website lol even if it is random!  Be sure to click below to read more about the updates and changes and if you're not sure what it is.. I will be mentioning that as well.

So Influenster is a website program sort of like Bzzagent.  It all depends on how much you influence others with your thoughts on social networks.  You earn badges and try to get your score up to qualify for upcoming voxboxes.  It's amazing because they come out with so many voxboxes and they target many different groups of people.  By groups of people I mean they had the latina box, bride to be box, nature box, summer beauty box, love box and more.  Don't worry they target men as well! They will or already had (not sure) begin doing men voxboxes!  ooh did I forget to mention.. the box is FREE!!  They send so many goodies I get amazed each time I qualify for one.  What you do is you test out the products and share them via social networks and with friends on what you think about them.  You also can leave your reviews on the influenster website.

Now for the changes of the website.  Just from the log in screen, you can see a difference.  It's more vibrant and welcoming.  More colors and images.  Previously, before the new launch they only had a badge system and no scoring system.  Now they have an over all score and individual scores for each badge you unlock.  Also, they have a lot more badges you can unlock now! Just find the badges that suit you best or that you are into and unlock it.  After unlocking it you can start doing the task to up your score.  The higher your score the more likely you will get pre-qualified for boxes.

Below is a screen shot of the 'profile page'  It shows your over all score, individual badge scores.  You can also see the badges that you have.

This next screen shot is an example of badge tasks.  I unlocked the 'beauty queen score' and below you can see the tasks they give you to help you increase your score.

If you were already an influenster then you will notice that there are a lot more badges than previously.  This is just the expert badge list.

and this is the Lifestyle badge list.  So whatever fits you feel free to unlock it.  Be sure to complete those tasks and continue to complete them so that you can stay updated with them and keep your score high.

Now how do you get started? you can request an invite through the front of the page.

Now to up your score just keep doing reviews on the products you have tested or used before.  Be sure to be interactive on the website but answering questions other people on products if you have an answer for it.  You also want to be interactive and stay updated with Influenster on their social networks FB & Twitter.  Be sure to be interactive with the brands that are sponsored on the website as well when you get the box.  Share you thoughts with both the brand and influenster and your friends.

This website is really great not just for the free stuff but you get to try out products you might not have thought about purchasing.  Even products that aren't even out on the market yet =).  You get to be interactive with other members and brands.  The best part? You just do what you do best.. share your thoughts and reviews of products.

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