Myglam October!

October Glambag!  I have to say I like this months bag as well.  I think that Ipsy previously known as Myglam has really been listening to their subscribers and stepping up with their customer service to try to satisfy the majority.  This month we got a lip gloss stain, liquid liner, mascara, mini eyeshadow quad and a hair oil.  Everything needed to achieve a Bombshell look.  Read on for the swatches and reviews.

September Bag:

Myglams theme for the this month is "Bombshell".. So they offered products that would help achieve a "bombshell look".  They did a great job this month... I'm happy with this bag and I know of others that are happy with theirs as well.  I believe Myglam had only 1 card this month.. can't remember exactly.. but the bag is cute and it's a little thick, so it has cushion.  The bags are really getting better and better (quality wise.  The bag has the famous and now popular "Chevron" design on the outside and red on the inside.  I have been seeing the "chevron" design being done everywhere on DIY blogs and YT channels lately.. I guess it's the "in" pattern at the moment.

Couture Colour: Pequi Oil Treatment
"Pequi Oil Treatment revives even the driest, most brittle hair – hair that's been colour-treated or chemically straightened. It also tames frizz, mends split ends and with a natural UV filter, keeps colour vibrant, fresh-looking." - Couture Colour

It's a clear oil for the hair.  I have only tried this product once, so I can't really tell if it works well.  I'm not a huge fan of putting products in my hair but it is in need of an oil treatment, so I'm glad I got this in my bag.  It has a faint scent to it but I cannot put my finger on it.  Once of the things that I do like about this product is even though it is an oil treatment/serum it does not leave an oily residue on your hands after use.  I also really like the packaging of the bottle.  I love that underneath the cap it also has a snap closure, so you don't have to worry about spilling it =).  I know that sometimes I leave the cap off when I use something and it spills (nail polish bottles) always do that to me =.=

The size we received in our bags is the .5Fl. Oz and on their website it sells for $12.  They also sell 2 other sizes and the price ranges from $32-$50.

TheBalm: What's Your Type? "the body builder" Mascara

We also received a mascara by theBalm.  TheBalm has 2 different types of mascara "the body builder" and "tall, dark and handsome".  I don't know what type of man you like but I certainly like the "tall, dark and handsome" type.  However, I like my eyelashes the opposite, so I am glad that I received "the body builder".  I'm not sure if they were offering both mascaras but most of the people I know received "the body builder".

I didn't really see a difference with this mascara and any other mascara I have used in the past.  I'm not a huge mascara fan because I can never find one that I love to fit my lashes.  However, it did make my lashes appear thicker.

You can get this mascara or the other one for $19 off their website.

be a bombshell: Eyeliner in Onyx
"A basic black eye liner. Long lasting and highly pigmented – this eyeliner can be used with any look to bring definition to your eyes" - be a bombshell

I like this liner a lot.  It comfortable to handle and goes on dark enough to where I don't have to apply it twice.  It can be a little troublesome trying to get a thin line because the tip is a little thick but if you hold it tip straight you'll get that thin line.  I need to work on getting a faint cat eye with it as well but like I said earlier I do like it.

This eyeliner retails for $14 a little steep for eyeliners to me but it is worth a try.

Mirenesse: Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain
" A satisfying NEW INNOVATION in lip colour; beyond gloss, stain or lip lacquer. Colour that drenches your lips for a juicy high impact colour that's feather-light and super-moist with a velvety finish. Power packed with non-smearing pigment that lasts and lasts" - Mirenesse

Ipsy was giving out 2 shades to this gloss, this red and a pink one.  I would have loved the pink one but this red fit all the contents of my bag well.  The description they have for this gloss stain is on point.  It is certainly pigmented and moist with a nice finish.  I don't think it's feather light though.  When I say pigmented, I mean pigmented.  No need for a second coat or reapplying it over and over and no need for a lipstick underneath.  If it didn't own this product and just saw it on someone I would have thought it was a high shine lipstick.

This product retails for about $40 but if you're VIP it retails for $31.20.  I think it's really steep for a gloss stain, for any lip product anyhow.  I think it is a great product but man is that pricey.

Coastal Scents: Eyeshadow

Myglam had 7 different sets and combinations to give out.  I believe mine is set #5.  I love it, it's a great fall palette.  The colors are pigmented and go on smoothly, they blend quite smoothly as well.  It would have been nice to get the full size of the hotpots since they are so inexpensive but the smallness of the pots are so cute and adorable haha.  It's really travel friendly.  I'll start with red (vibrant red, frosty taupe, vanilla sky, raisin berry).  I love how the names fit the color well and you can easily tell what names go with which color.

Each hot pot (single shadow pan) retails for  $1.99 on their website.  It's really inexpensive and I think they have great color pay off.  The only thing about coastalscents that hit me in the gut.. (lol sounds funny huh?) is their shipping prices.  Not sure if it has changed or lowered over the past year or so but I know that their shipping price was high and not worth it to purchase anything.

This bag is well worth the $10.  A lot of the products exceed $10 for example the oil itself is $12 and the lipgloss is near $40! This is a very good month for Ipsy.  I hope everyone is as happy with their bag as I am with mine.  Did you like my Ipsy bag this month and missed my past Ipsy reviews?.. You can view all my Ipsy reviews at the following: label/Myglam

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