Urgent: Facebook Fans!

Hello all! If you didn't know Facebook is trying to make Page Administrators (people like me) pay for all of their fans to see their post.  At the moment only 10% of my readers are getting my updates and posts.  I copied this post I have been seeing on my personal FB from pages that I like and I have posted it to my FB page directly but seeing as to only 10% of the people get to see it there.. this would be the best way.

Please keep supporting me and the other pages you like on Facebook by doing the following:

"Facebook is only allowing about 10% of my fans to see my posts unless I pay. This goes for all admins of all fan pages.

In order for you to see ALL of my posts theres a few quick, easy steps you can take. Hover your mouse over the "liked" button near my name you see above this post... The drop down will appear and select "ADD TO INTEREST LIST". Then you have to create a list, next click that interest list in the left column of your home page and you will see all of my posts! You wont miss out on new colors, updates and amazing giveaways.

I suggest sharing this so we can spread the word and no one is left wondering why they can't our updates

Most of us are small business owners and lets let Facebook know this is unfair to try to charge us in order to stay in touch with our fans!"




  1. That's so unfair. I hate it when sites like that get greedy. I did as you said and added you to my FB interest list ;)

    1. yay! Thank you! I need to do this for all my pages I liked.. so many to go through lol

  2. I didn't know about this, thanks for spreading the word!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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