(first impression & Week 1)

Here is my first week update on the regimen.  I basically describe how my skin is feeling and changing.  The reason why I am doing this is to see if this regimen and it's products work for me and to share my stages with you, so that you can see what happens and the results by weekly.

If you want to know what my skin history is and the products that are used in this regimen as well as my skin before check out my previous post on here.

๐Ÿ’œ Day 1 - First Impression:
So it is day 1 and I just did the regimen.  My skin doesn't feel too bad or any different.  My first impression of the cleanser is "mild" because all you do is lather is up and lightly glide the foam on your face and let it do it's work for 10 sec.  After splashing the water on my face and letting the water do all the work to wash off the cleanser my face really did feel clean.  I was really surprised.  Now my first impression of the treatment is "eww! drying" lol! but of course remember that it is 2.5% of benzyl peroxide.  That is the point of the treatment and is what really helps with acne.  It was interesting to use.  It is a gel treatment so it was easy to smooth out and glide over my skin.  You are suppose to wait 5-15 minutes for it to dry and completely soak into your skin.  After about 5 minutes it is dry and my skin feels pretty dry and tight.  Last but not least, my first impression of the moisturizer was "interesting, it's so watery & stings a little".  Keep in mind that I am use to really thick creamy moisturizers, so first putting it on felt a different.  However, it does the job.  I also checked the FAQ's section on the website about the stinging and they said that it's due to the skin becoming sensitive to the benzyl peroxide and the stinging should subside and go away after a week (when your skin gets comfortable with the products).  You are suppose to use 2 pumps of the moisturizer and it felt like a lot but it really does help cover the dryness.  You just keep massaging it into your face with a very light touch for about 2-3 minutes then let it penetrate and dry on its own.  My skin felt really refreshed after the moisturizer soaked in, sort of like a cooling affect.

๐Ÿ’œ Day 3:
I think the products are starting to kick in because my face is starting to feel dry and you can sort of see the dryness when I put my liquid foundation on (so I decided to not put it on for now).  After the cleanser and treatment my skin really feels tight and dry.  After the moisturizer my face feels hydrated but the area around my nose (the sides) still feel dry.  I guess I need to try to work with the moisturizer to make sure I get it in there.

๐Ÿ’œ Day 6:
My face is starting to get really dry now.  It doesn't show as much unless I put foundation on.  After cleanser my face feels quite tight and dry and even dryer after the benzyl peroxide.  I have noticed that my face is starting to feel itchy, I think more so because of the dryness.  The section around my nose has the most flakes.  I think I got down the regimen and am use to it now.  I have been good so far these past 6 days.  Well except I think day 4 or 5, it was like midnight and I was extremely tired and did not want to get up lol.  The good thing is I haven't noticed any new pimples or anything.  YAY!

๐Ÿ’œ Day 7:
The lower part of my face seems to be the post dry and I now know what people meant by scaly skin.  Basically when the skin is dry it is not like a mask you just peel off 1 single layer, it is more like really tiny small sections of skin is dry (probably because my facial expression always changes).  You know when you put a mask on and if your expression changes (laugh or smile) you get little cracks in your mask?.. It's just like that.  It's really hard to not touch my skin because the dryness is irritating me and it makes me want to pick off the dry skin.  I am trying my best not to do that =.=.  I have not worn any makeup since day 2.  I think I will move on to use 3 pumps of moisturizer though because the 2 pumps don't seem to be helping enough.  The website stated that "you" can be generous with the moisturizer if need be because it does not irritate the skin and cause acne.  I could simply use less BP (benzyl peroxide) but the BP is what is suppose to be the main product clearing up my skin.

๐Ÿ’œ Photos from the first week:
So I did take a full face photo but when I was editing it I accidentally cropped the original instead of the copy =.=

That concludes the first week and onto the 2nd!  My skin seems to be on track with the timeline of results "
Week 1
(using a small amount of BP)
Mild improvement. Skin is red, irritated, and itches. Usually slight improvement, some people have reported an initial worsening of acne. Skin is red, irritated, and itches
"  I have received 1-2 pimples but I am also on that time of month (TMI?)  The first column is mild acne and the 2nd is moderate acne.  I also have been using the full dosage of BP instead of starting off little which is why my skin is drying up quicker than the norm.  Onto the 2nd week wish me luck!  Supposedly the 2nd week is when people tend to give up the regimen, not this girl though.  At least I hope not lol.  I will see you guys next week when I have my 2nd week update post

I don't think I updated my second week of this post because I probably stopped using the product but here is a link to another blog post by Jen Reviews about clearing up Acne.


  1. I see you didn't keep writing about it, did it work for you?

    1. Hi Sarah, I didn't see it working for me but I'm sure if I would have kept using it then I probably would have seen results since the website states that its different for everyone.

      The reason I stopped using it was because the products ran out for me in a little over a month and I spent $60 on that regimen. I wasn't willing to spend $60 each month. If you do try this out I recommend just spending the extra bucks to get the bigger bottles, I hear they last about 2-3 months.

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