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Hello Hello!! I think this is hard for everyone; to talk about their skin.  Especially if it's far from perfect.  Well I will be showing you guys how my skin progresses after using these products and this regimen.  What will be hard for me is showing you photos of my bare skin as it is now.  Warning that there are acne scars and open wounds of acne.  Not as bad as others, I don't think I have severe acne or anything.  Read on to follow me through a brief of my skin history and swatches/thoughts of the products.

My Skin:
Growing up I didn't really have acne problems.  I had acne here and there and some small ones around my temples but nothing a light concealer would not cover.  The past 2 years I have been breaking out like crazy.

My skin is really sensitive and only a few products work on me.  If I use the wrong product my skin will break out like crazy.  Not to mention when it's that time of month I usually break out before or during.  I get acne usually on my cheeks, chin around my temples and recently small ones in between my eyebrows.  It also seems like my pores have been getting a bigger.

I am a picker =.=.  I know, it's so bad and leaves scars.  Believe me I know.. I have a lot of acne scars on my cheek area.  I just can't seem to help it.  Once I know it's there it bothers me.  I usually use a comedone extractor for my whiteheads and pimples (only when they get that yellow tip).

So as you can tell,  my skin is far from perfect.  It's just the foundation and concealers that help tone it down as well as the flash on my camera in photos =)  Speaking of which, I don't know why I can't capture my skin exactly as is on camera.  Everything is in the photos but they look a bit better in the pictures haha.  Trust me when I say I have really dry skin usually around my nose and cheeks as well as redness around my nose.  My scars and acne usually are more vivid as well.

I am pretty horrible with regimens.  I cannot stay on schedule for the life of me.  I just seem to get tired and sleepy before washing my face, so I end up going to sleep without watching my face.  I also seem to take naps during the day.. and that includes when I have makeup on.. whether its after doing a makeup look for the blog or after school.  Which is probably why my skin has gotten worse the past year or so.
Now that I finally purchased this regimen, I will be on it like shorts in the summer! lol.  Will be sure to do it twice daily (morning & night) as well as following the instructions exactly to a T. is all about reducing irritation to your skin.  You can definitely do their regimen and follow their instructions with drugstore products (they give you a list of Drugstore products or what to look for in them) but I want to be safe and just try out their stuff.  As I said everything is about reducing irritation to the skin and their way of doing that is to make sure you are barely touching your skin and using a gentle touch as well as washing and drying your hands before each application (cleanse, treatment and moisturizer)

What I love about the website is that it is informative and helpful.  Their directions for the regimen are really clear and they also include photos and videos to help.  The guy in the video is the same person that came up with this regimen and the products.  They worked on him and he wanted to share with the world and many people have had great results.

The Products:
I am so excited to use these products.

Final Words:
I am so excited to use this! Thank goodness I decided to finally purchase it.. if not, I probably would have kept putting it off lol.  The regimen(products) cost $38.44 and will be a little more with shipping and tax.  I have heard its definitely worth it.  I mean if it works why not right? I think skin care products are one of the most important things to invest in.  I will try to update weekly on my progress.. if there is not a huge difference one week I will wait another week before updating.  My next post will be on my "First Day--First Impression as well as week 1 of using it".  It will take more than a month to see results but I would like to update you on how my skin feels and looks.

I hope my journey down this path will be helpful to you and that you guys follow me through these stages.  I am on a mission to get baby soft clear skin! <3>


  1. Nice post dear :)

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  2. Good article.And your pictures of the products seem to entice me to buy those products for acne treatment.Thank you for sharing.


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