Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox 2012

Hello! I received my Beauty Blogger Voxbox about 2 weeks ago and have not really gotten a chance to try out everything for an in depth review.  So this post will just be showcasing the box and the products with swatches and mini reviews (if I have one).  I will be doing individual review posts for each item throughout next week, since I will have time to test these products out this weekend.

NYC New York Color: IndividualEyes Custom Compact in 0156-08 Dark Shadows ($4.99)

I just tried this product on my left eye (literally 2 seconds ago) and I have to say I like it.  I think for the price it's not bad at all.  The primer is not too drying and is blendable.  The illuminator is great as well for a base of the shadows on top of the primer or as a highlighter under the brow or even your cheeks or the highest part above your eyebrow.  The shadows are pigmented but not extrememly pigmented.  I used the makeup applicator included (these sucks.. I honestly don't know why companies include this applicator in the packaging).. the applicator didn't do the colors or pigmentation any justice, so I ended up just using my fingers and it worked very well.  The shadows are soft and easy to blend.  Without primer the lightest color is great and the most pigmented, however, the darkest color is probably the least pigmented but they are all quite pigmented over primer.

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit: in 05 or KPLS01 ($5.99)

I haven't tried these yet.  The kit I got look like dramatic lashes, which I love to use.  I cannot wait to try them out.  I did test the lash tweezer and they seem like something I would like to use.  The glue states that it dries clear, latex free and odor free.  For some reason it does seem to have a scent but it may be from the packaging and not the glue itself.  I tested it on my hand and it seems to get tacky quite fast.

The lashes themselves are "premium quality and made of 100% human hair".  To the touch the lashes feel like they would be comfortable.  Since I am a false lash lover, I will def. be doing a separate review for these lashes.

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles: in White Barn No.1 Nutmeg and Spice ($3.50)

I am a huge fan of Bath & Body.  Both my mother and I go there all the time (they always have coupons and promotions).  I received the Nustmeg and Spice fall mini candle.  I love it and actually used it all up already.  It makes my room smell like ginger bread cookies haha.  Even though I burned the whole wick there is still some wax left over and I hate that.  I hate that there is still come left but I can just add it with the rest of the left over candles to make a random scented one.  I have many of their mini candles and they are usually included in their sales and most of the time have the 2 for $5.

These are great if you don't like to burn or stick to one scent for a long time (their 3 wick candles). 

EBOOST: in Orange

Haven't tried or smelled it.  I need to remember that I have it.  I usually make my own juice daily so I don't use these powder things.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: for Dark Hair

I actually already owned a pair of these.  I was really curious about them and wanted to try them so I purchased them at target over a year ago.  I'm really glad I got another pair to add to my collection but my mom currently took my other ones, after seeing this one in my box haha.  I have them in my hair now and I love it.  They are easy to use and easy to take out with out having to worry about tangles.  It holds the hair up really well.  You can put it tightly or slightly loose.  It does not mess up when I shake my head and my bun stays in place.  NOTE that I have long hair and is cut in layers.

Not Your Mother's: Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream

First of all I have straight hair, so this cream does nothing for me.  I did try it when I decided to curl my hair but I didn't feel or see a difference.  I can say that it smells really good though.  I know they had another hair cream for the box with was the "Smooth Moves Frizz Control".  Which I think that wouldn't have done anything for me either because my hair is not frizzy haha.

Boots No. 7: Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm and Night Cream for Dry/Very Dry face

I always get worried about trying other brands when it comes to skin care because my skin is so sensitive and I break out easily/fast.  I have seen this brand at target everytime I go there and wondered about it.  I believe I used it once and I don't remember the impression it left on me so I will be trying it out this up coming week.

-cleansing balm-

-night cream-

I hope you guys liked the products in the box and look forward to separate reviews.  If you got this box let me know what you thought of the products down in the comments and which products are your favorites.  If you already tried these products let me know your thoughts on them.  Also are you an Influenster?!!  I hope so.. it's a great program.

Disclaimer:  Products were provided by Influenster as well as the brands/companies that were named previously through the Influenster program.  I am an Influenster =)

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