MMU: NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

As you guys know I was fortunate enough to receive a Beauty Blogger Voxbox! One of the products inside was a limited edition NYC New York Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact.  I know what a long name haha.  It is very inexpensive and can be found in drugstores!  I love that it's affordable for everyone! Read on for swatches, closeup photos and more photos of the look I did using the palette.

Packaging: IndividualEyes in Dark Shadows
The packaging for this product is similar to other palettes/compacts.  It is definitely sturdy and a bit bulky.  The lid and the base has a good thickness to it, which makes it sturdy.  I don't have to worry about the shadows getting messed up or breaking while in my bag or travel.  The lid is easy to open but secure enough to where it will not open on its own.

It comes with one of those duo sided makeup sponge tip applicators.  I personally hate those.  I think it's a waste of space and packaging.  However, I know some people will use them.  I suggest using your fingers instead of the applicator.  They will blend the shadows easier and apply better/more pigmented than with the sponge applicator.

 The compact also consists of a primer, illuminator, and 4 shadows (ombre style).  I like that they labeled everything with the clear plastic they had on top of the colors.  You do not have to follow their labels for the shadows.  You can use them anyway in any formation you would like.  For this post, I decided to use it the way they labeled it and I think it came out great.

First photo: Primer and Illuminator
Second Photo: Shadows

The shadows are soft, so they blend easily.  We don't want those harsh lines!

The Look:
I really liked these shadows.  I think the pigmentation is good but the lightest color seems the most pigmented and the darkest color needs to be layered once or twice.  Then again I lightly dab my finger and brushes in shadows versus getting it in there to make sure I get a bunch of color and tap off the excess.  Either way is fine.

Just to be clear I used everything in the compact.  From the primer to the shadows.  I love the illuminator for the inner tear ducts and first half of the bottom lash line.  It is great as a light highlight as well.  The primer doesn't seem too bad either.  It doesn't dry quickly, so it's easy to blend.  A different primer will probably bring out the pigmentation of the shadows better though.

-since I had contacts in earlier, I decided to take a photo without them.  That way you can see how it looks with my natural eye color.

Complete Look:
I love the colors.  They are great for a subtle smokey eye or a more dramatic smokey eye.  You can even use the illuminator and highlighter only to brighten up the eyes in the mornings/daytime.

Love the colors and the pigmentation.  The primer could be better but I love the illuminator.  They blend and go on smoothly.  Inexpensive!  Must try item on your list!

Where can you get it? How much?:
Now I know you are dying to know the price and where you can get this product to try for yourself.  Well I will tell you!  DRUGSTORES! Everyone has one of those right?  You can go to any mass retail stores to grab yourself one of these compacts (color of your choice) of choice.  You can also I believe they currently have a variety of 6! Not including the limited editions.. so you probably have more choices.  I was at K-mart the other day and saw some of them.. but most of them were already gone =.=.  The price for these palettes are only $4.99! so $5!!  How great is that?!!  Now I'm not completely sure about pigmentation on the other palettes because you know some colors can be hits and misses.. I will be sure to find out though (heading to the store to grab some next month).  I do know that the palette I received in "dark shadows" has great pigmentation.

 Connect with them & me!:
Be sure to search through their website to see what other colors they carry and products they offer.  You can also follow them on Facebook & Twitter.  They also have their own Youtube!  Also follow Influenster on Facebook & Twitter! They are the reason I got introduced to NYC!  Let them know I sent ya!

 Love the outcome from the product.  Like I have said previously, I am interested in trying out the other colors they offer and possibly try more products.  What do you guys think of this look? and the shadows?  Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer:  Products were kindly provided by Influenster as well as the brands/companies that were named previously through the Influenster program.  I am an Influenster =) 


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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