NOTD: Black & Red with Gold stripes all over

I wanted to do this look in black and red but surprisingly I do not own a black nail polish and a creme red polish.  So I ended up using a dark dark brown and a red with pink tones.  Either way it is close to what I wanted.  I love this combination and I love how the nail stripes give it a different look.  I actually got many compliments on this nail look.  When I use nail art tape people assume that I did it free hand and always ask how I get it straight. I usually laugh and tell them it is nail art tape and you can get them off eBay for a really cheap price.  I could do it freehand but I think that the tape gives it a slightly different look and is easier =)

Product List:
Feel free to use any color you like for this look.  Like I said previously I improvised by using a dark brown polish since I do not own a black one.  I used red at first but decided to put a hot pink on my nail instead.  Choose the colors to your liking.  I suggest a dark color and then a vibrant color =).  Gold or silver nail art tape or french tip line.

I love this look (as I always say with every look) haha.  I really like the simplicity and the elegance the nail art tape gives nails.  They are so simple to use but tricky to stay on.  I like to put a clear base before putting it on and after.  Also, don't touch the ends too much cause it will lose the tackiness and start to lift on the side of the nails after a few days.


Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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