Review: Beauty Box 5 (BB5)

Beauty Box 5 (BB5) is another beauty monthly subscription.  It is $12 a month and you receive 4-5 samples in your box.  This is my first box and I am currently deciding on officially subscribing or not.  I don't want to take on too many subscriptions.  Read on to see what BB5 has to offer and my swatches/review.

The Packaging:
The packaging is a small Tiffany's blue cardboard box and inside was one of those sheer "wedding/gift" bags with the products inside.

Lash Card: $6.99 for 10 pack
"Minimizing those mascara mistakes has never been easier! Great for maximizing curl, separating lashes and avoiding those bottom lash mishaps, these discrete little cards are your lashes new best friend!"

I received this sample of the Lash Card.  Inside had 2 cards.  Basically if you saw the Michelle Phan "business card trick" then you know what this is all about.  Since you can simply use a business card I find that this product is not worth the price.  Then again a business card is touched by many many people, either way it's up to you if you want to use it.

Now for the effectiveness of the lash card.  At first it was quite difficult to get use to.  It is quite stiff and hard so my eye started to get watery.  It has 2 ends (1 for smaller eyes and one for larger eyes).  I found that it separated my lashes well but did not hold my curl.  My lashes are stubborn.

Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear: $30 for 1 oz
"You have to love a product with so many great benefits! This multi-purpose foundation primer (which is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins) extends the wear of foundation, fills in fine lines and pores, helps prevent collagen breakdown AND aids in the evening out of skin tone!"

I have not tried this primer because I have not been wearing any makeup lately.  If you read my blog regularly then you know that I am currently doing the Acne.Org regimen, so I don't want to to anything that will delay the process.

However, the scent smells a bit like bar soap.  It glides on smooth very velvety and leaves a matte complexion.  It did make my fingers feel slightly slippery but that feeling disappeared shortly after.  With the swatch on my hand the concealer blended in more smoothly over the primer than without.

City Cosmetics Lip Plumper: $35 for 5ml
"Visibly plumper lips are just minutes away with this amazing, power-packed plumper! Simply apply and watch, your lips will become fuller as the minutes pass and the results will typically last four to six hours! What's better? CITY Lips has proven long-term benefits. Used twice daily, CITY Lips users have seen plumper, fuller lips in only 30 days!"

If you have thin lips and want fuller ones then this product is definitely for you. I am actually very content and satisfied with the size of my lips.  You probably cant tell in the photos by this product really did make my lips very plump.  I should have taken a full face photo so you can tell.  Honestly, it looked like my lips were swollen lol

City Cosmetics Lip Plumper: $36 for 5.6 fl oz
"Give your skin a fresh start every day with pūr~delicate from pūr~lisse. Their special blend of soy milk, soy proteins, white tea and whole oat leaves your skin caressably smooth without removing natural oils. pūr~delicate will soothe your skin, not irritate it. Soap-free and non-foaming, pūr~delicate is strong enough to remove dirt and makeup, yet gentle enough to preserve and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Bring home pure cleansing power with pūr~delicate."

It has a very pleasant faint scent to it.  Using it on the back of my hand to remove the concealer I tested earlier,  it did remove the concealer and primer and my hand does feel smooth but I have to say that it does feel a bit drying and my face is much more dryer than my hand so I can only imagine how drying it would make my face feel.  However, it does seem to have that cooling effect which I love in cleansers and makeup removers anything to be used on my face.

Blinc Mascara: $26 for .21 oz
"Finally a no-hassle, no-smudge, water-resistant mascara that you don't have to re-apply! Great for those with sensitive eyes and contact-wearers, this non-irritating mascara actually creates tubes around your lashes that will even wear through a workout! To apply, just remove the wand and apply to lashes!"

So I did not open this sample because I already own the blinc mascara deluxe sample (bigger than the one from bb5) from birchbox.  I really like it and I love how simple and easy it is to remove.  The product is not thick it is actually very thin coated but can be buildable, it is not runny or anything as well.  The wand is nothing special, it is your typical brow/eyelash wand, slightly wider than the norm.  If you guys really want to see the difference with the mascara on, please let me know.  I would love to do a thorough review and swatch for you.

Subscription boxes are always hard to review because you're judging a whole subscription on one box.  We all know that there are always months that are better than others.  I have to say that this month BB5 was okay.  I could do without the lash card and I don't see myself using the lip plump but someone I know will benefit from it =).  The sizes were not bad at all either except for the blinc.  The only reason why I say that is because I have received a bigger sample from another subscription (not full size).  For $12 I would be willing to try BB5.  However, I am currently subbed to julep, BB and Ipsy/Myglam.  Depending on how BB does next month I might replace them to try BB5 when the new year starts.  We shall see.

If you are interested in BB5 yourself, you can subscribe on their website for $12 a month <-- a="a" br="br" not="not" referral="referral">

Disclaimer:  Products were kindly provided by the company for my honest review.

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  1. Hmm...very cool! I have too many boxes too, but who knows...maybe ill try it someday! great review!


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