Review: Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit

I love false lashes, especially dramatic ones but I have been leaning towards more natural ones lately.  The Kiss Lash Pro Start kit contained a pair of dramatic, thick lashes.  I enjoyed wearing them.  I think they fit my eye well and were quite comfortable to wear.  Read on to see swatches of it alone and with eye makeup as well as my thoughts.

The Product & Packaging:
It is packaged like any other packaging for lashes but a bit bulkier because it is a kit.  It has a space for the lashes, applicator and the glue.  I organize my lashes in those jewelry organizer boxes instead of keeping them in their packaging so I threw mine away.  I love the applicator.  It's different than other applicators that I have tried.  It's different because it has the curve feature and is narrow on the end.  The curve helps me blend my real lashes with the false ones and it also helps me apply the lashes with ease.  The glue is alright and not bad, it works and does not irritate my eyes like other lash glues.  It's one of those stick applicators instead of the squeeze out tube type.  I originally use the DUO glue and am running low on it, so this glue is a great replacement.  However, when my eyes got watery (after trying out some circle lens) the lashes were coming off quite easily.  So I would say the glue does not have a strong hold.

The lashes themselves are made of 100% human hair and are really comfortable if you like dramatic thick lashes.  Since they are made of human hair they are quite soft.  I think these are the only lashes I own that are made of human hair.  There is a huge difference!

No Make-Up:
I trimmed the lashes to fit my eye and then placed the glue on the band.  The glue was really easy to apply because of the stick applicator.  They definitely gave my eyes the illusion of thicker and longer lashes.

With Make-Up:
Here it is with my eye makeup.  It looks great with makeup, don't you agree?  I decided to add 2 different looks I wore while using these lashes.

  I think that they make me look like I have really thick lashes and my lashline looks thicker.  It looks better with make-up than without.  They are just too dramatic to be worn alone.  I usually don't recommend using the glue that comes with most false lashes but I actually like this glue as well as the applicator.   They are comfortable to wear and easy to apply.  Definitely made to be worn again and again.  The site states, "Latex free, odor free, waterproof, flexible formula for 24hr hold, easy applicator."  I would say the glue is not odor free but the scent is quite faint.  Waterproof?  I don't think the glue is waterproof.  When my eyes got teary the lashes were coming off.  I am also not sure about the 24 hour hold because I would never wear a pair of lashes that long.. but they did last from 12-8 (when applied and removed them).

Where can you get it? How much?:
You can find these at your local Walgreens! Only $4.99! so $5!!  I think that's pretty inexpensive for a starter kit.  I think it's quite inexpensive for 100% human hair false lashes, glue and applicator.

 Connect with them & me!:
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I will say it over and over that I love false lashes and you will notice in all of my MMU posts that I wear false lashes in them.  They are great for girls like me that have short straight hard to curl lashes.  Also I seem to be horrible at mascara lol!

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  1. These lashes look great on you I love how full they are.


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