Review: Uniqso Circle Lenses

Hello!! This review is over due.  I have been so busy with the last few weeks of school coming up, so I forgot to make this post.  I have been enjoying these lenses.  They are so much fun and my first pair.  Read on to see what they look like and my review as well as my first impression.

The packaging that the lenses came in were really cute.  It was in a cute little thank you box with bears on it.  Came with a free lense case as well.


They come in these individual bottles with each lense inside, saturated in solution.

 What I got:
I picked the "Mermaid Red" circle lenses by the brand Kimchi.  The detailing of the design on the lenses are unique and very pretty.  The current details of the product is:
  • Price: $22.90  
  • Diameter: 16.20mm
  • Water Content: 42%
  • Base Curve: 8.60
  • Replacement Period: within 12 months
  • Available Power: 0 to -7.00, Check Stock List
  • Place of Origin: Korea

How They Look On: 
At first I was worried that the details of the circle lenses wouldn't show over my eyes because usually when I put on any pair or contact lenses they don't show up as well.


with false  lashes..

with make-up...

I love how detailed the lenses are and the colors are so pretty.  At first they were a bit uncomfortable because I think my eyes were not use to them because they are pretty wide in diameter.  I didn't realize that my pupil was not centered completely with the lenses on until I saw the photos but nonetheless they look great and feel great after getting use to them.  They are easy to put on as well as take off.  I love the customer service and staff that handles PR.  The person I kept in contact with was so nice and sweet.  They really gave me a lot of options and was patient while I was trying to choose which lenses I wanted to try because I was pretty picky =)  I went ahead and gave them 4 hearts approval just because they did hurt me eyes a bit in the beginning and hey nothing is a perfect 5 hearts right?

"If you are interested in these big eye circle lenses you can get them at this direct link Kimchi-Mermaid if you aren't interested in those particular lenses go ahead and check out their other lenses, they have a huge variety at I believe there was a 10% off promo code floating around somewhere not long ago.  I'll see if I can get a discount code for you guys that are interested and repost it here and on my fb and twitter =)  Let's cross out fingers that I get them.  Be sure to let me know what you guys think of these lenses and what you think of lenses overall.

Disclaimer:  Products were kindly provided by the company for my honest review.


  1. They are gorgeous! The colour reminds me of autumn leaves :)

    1. =) I didn't even think of that haha.. thanks for dropping by!

  2. They look lovely, do you add special lenses water in you lens case?

    1. I just put them in some contact solution I bought at walgreens. When I run out I leave them in water until I get a new bottle. =)

  3. Gorgeous lenses! Nice review.
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