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Hello all!! I am here with a beauty subscription service that is completely new to me.  When I heard that they give you 3-4 full size products from their own line, I wanted to be able to give it a try.  It comes in the mail like other subscription boxes and is only $15 a month.  I was excited to receive this box in the mail since I never tried their products before I was very curious.  To see what it in this little black box and my swatches/review be sure to click on "read full post" down below.

About StarLooks:

Starlooks is a beauty subscription box that is $15 a month.  What is the difference with this box compared to others?  Well they give you 3-4 full size products from their own line.  Basically, Starlooks has their own beauty line and the subscription is a way of being able to try their products (full size) for $15 monthly.  It seems like the products in their boxes usualy add up to more than $15, so it is well worth the money.  I saw the September box and loved the palette that they got in that box.

The Box:

The box is small and black with simple engraving on the top.  It's held together with a silver string like a present.  It also came with 3 post cards.  1 explaining what the products in the box were and another that was a sneak peak to next months box.  The 3rd was a small one mentioning their looksbook.  The packaging inside was very simple just tissue paper wrapped around all the products.

Moisture Rich Lipstick: Masquerade ($11)

At first I was disappointed in the color because it's not a shade I would purchase.  It's a red lipstick with a hint of orange in it but seems like a lot of orange in it.  It's quite pigmented and comfortable does not make my lips feel dry at all.  I didn't really notice a scent because there was no need to smell it lol.  I notice that it goes great with a peachy blush versus a pink blush (which is what I usually wear).  It is great with both subtle makeup and dramatic makeup.  It took me a while to warm up to the color but it really does look great.  It would go great on people with a warmer skin tone.

Pigment Luster: Posh ($12)

This pigment is 2.8grams.  It's really shimmery and of course there is fall out since it is a loose pigment.  The color payoff I have to say is okay.  I don't know what it is about me and purples.  The pigmentation for purple shadows even over primer don't seem that great on me personally.  The color is beautiful and it looks great on.  I think it looks great on the lower lash line as well.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love purple on my lower lash line.  The pigment is very soft, velvety and fine; so it's very comfortable to wear.  I like to use the lid as a palette for the pigment or you can put a little on the back of your hand but it can get really messy.

Eyeliner Pencil: Gold Dust ($8)

The pigmentation on the liner is not bad and it glides on smoothly.  I don't really know what else to saw about a pencil liner lol.  That's all you really look for in a liner (pigmentation and how it glides on).  The size is a good size as well.. it's not short it's actually quite long.  I would compare it to the NYC Pencil liner lengths.  I would also compare it to the regular nyx eyeliners.

Eye Tattoo: Masquerade

Yes, you read it right Eye tattoos! I thought this was pretty cool to get in my box, since I have always wanted to try them.  It was quite difficult to place on my eye since it's small.  Do you remember those temporary tattoos when you were a kid? and had to use water to get them on? Well these are the exact same thing; all you need is water.  It is a bit tricky until you start to wet it with water.  I think these are great and they come in many different designs. 

Where can you subscribe?
You can go to to sign up and subscribe to their beauty subscription for $15 a month.  If you decide to sign up (I don't knwo why you wouldnt!) please put "hiiyooitscat" as the person who recommended you! Of if you like their FB and twitter be sure to let them know I sent you! =)

With every Starlooks box comes with a mystic quartz crystal.  You can use these to decorate anything.  I actually already have a lot of these I bought to decorate my room, so when I saw it in my box I thought maybe 1 fell off my perfume stand.  Now I have no idea where I put it.  I have a lot around my room decorating shelves and tables and jars.. so I probably just tossed it on/in one of those (which is why I don't have a photo).   I think my first box was great.  Finally a box that consisted only of make-up!  What did you think of this box?  Would you sign up? I think it's worth a try! I hear the December box has a palette that will be worth up to $99!  I want to thank Starlooks for letting me try out the October box!  I am glad it worked out and I got it really quickly.  I look forward to see what their other boxes bring.

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review by the kindness of the company, I am not getting paid for my review.. as always everything is my honest opinion.

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  1. I've been thinking of signing up for this!! The pigment looks pretty! The eye sticker is bold but kind of cute :)


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