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Hey guys! So I did not post my bb from last month so I will be doing that in this post.  I will start off with December and them go backwards and do November =)  There are hits and misses in the boxes from this month and last but nothing too terrible besides a lot of horrible scents.


The Box (December 2012)
The box this month was really cute.  It was your regular brown cardboard box bu the lid had pink and gold diagnol stripes going across with patterns on the stripes.  Very birchbox festive.

In the box we got a $50 giftcard for Rent the Runway website.  If I remember correctly the website is basically a place where you can rent (borrow) clothing or accessories for any occasion.  I don't see a point in this unless you have a major event or something but usually I would rather just purchase something than rent and have to give it back.  I guess it's a good way to try stuff as well.  We also got a "gift" tag in the box as well, which I used on my mom's wrapped gift =)


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream | $39 for full size
"This brand new cc (color control) is the ultimate multi-tasker.  The lightweight cream naturally improves skin tone with vitamin C and grape-derived resveratrol"

This product claims to do a lot of things for example the following: repairs DNA damage, evens skin tone and texture, firms, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, creates radiant complexion, balances skin tone, rich in antioxidants, SPF 30, mineral tinted coverage, ultimate moisturizer, skin perfecting color, great for all skin types.

It comes in 2 colors (natural glow and warm glow).  Not a fan of the scent at all, it is quite strong (plant like scent).  It goes on quite smoothly and you can see in the swatches that it goes on quite light compared to my "light" skin-tone but blends nicely with my skin-tone, almost like its transparent.  It feels feather light and is very similar to a tinted moisturizer.  It has 0 coverage but I guess if you have uneven skin tone it will fix that for you.  It did make my skin feel quite smooth and slightly moisturized but the hydration slowly fades.

I would not purchase this because I need more than a tinted moisturizer and concealer and I really cannot stand the smell.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Protect | $42 for full size
"Work this leave-in cream through towel-dried hair to repair damage from chemical processing and protect your strands from the effects of heat styling"

It has a nice scent to it very faint and like a regular lotion scent.  I did not feel like it did any difference to my hair.  I personally would rather opt for the oil treatment instead of the leave-in cream.  I do like the Aussie leave in spray too.

ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss in Berry Pink | $16 full-size
"This Australian brand's winning gloss coats lips with subtle color.  Plus, the built-in mirror allows for easy on the go application"

I have been receiving a lot of lip glosses in my subscriptions lately and I have to say this one has the best scent! It smells exactly like strawberries.  The color is so pretty and sheer, it is a light strawberry pink with little gold shimmers in it.  The mirror is a plus for girls like me that do not carry a mirror around in their purses.

Thymes Naia Body Lotion | $25 for fullsize
"Lemon pulp and yerba mate extract give this lightweight moisturizer its delightful, energizing scent.  For an instant pick me up, smooth it on after your morning shower"

I was quite disappointed that it was a little packet sample but whatever!..  The scent for this body lotion is really strong and has that perfume scent when you first squeeze it out of the packaging but when you blend and rub it into your skin the scent fades into a light citrus perfume type scent (if that makes sense).  My goodness I am bad at describing stuff haha.  I didn't find it moisturizing for my skin and will not be purchasing this.

Thymes Lotus Santal Body Lotion | $25 for fullsize
"We love this shea enriched hydrator for its calming woodsy scent and truly non greasy feel.  Smooth it on post shower while skin is slightly damp"

This is another Thymes body lotion I received but it was considered as a "Beauty Extra" in my box.  This body lotion is a bit more watery than the previous one I swatched.  The scent is quite faint and I have to agree with the "calming woodsy" description for the scent.  It is certainly not greasy and does hydrate my skin after application but after about 10 minutes that moisturizing feel the lotion first gave me fades.

The Box (November 2012)
The box for November was another special "charity box"  for November they supported "The Art of Elysium"which is basically an organization hat helps actors, musicians and artists that have any medical condition.

In the box they also included a holiday gift guide to their shop as well as a cute little box to use for gifts.

 Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter in Banana's and Baobabs | $18 for fullsize
"Organic shea butter calms irritated skin, while oils in each variety add an extra moisturizing kick for all skin types. And since each fragrance is produced from natural ingredients (no synthetics), this formula is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin."

Aside from the scent I actually did like this product and was planning on purchasing it from the shop but it was already sold out.  It feels really nice like a body butter but not as greasy.  The scent for this one smells like banana laffy taffy!  It's not a bad scent or anything but I like more sweet fruity type scents.  Since it is a whipped shea butter type it is quite creamy and thick which leaves your skin really moisturized.

Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray | $25 for fullsize

I havent actually used this product since I don't really put much in my hair.  I will try it eventually maybe for Christmas day or eve.

ModelCo FIbre Lashxtend Naia Body Lotion | $24 fullsize
"The water-resistant formula uses tiny fibers to beef up your fringe without any irritation. Nourishing beeswax and carnauba wax keep lashes plush"

I have to say I like but I don't like this mascara.  It certainly does give my lashes length but it doesn't add thickness so I have to use an additional mascara.  It is also not waterproof which I find waterproof mascaras hold my curls better.  Also if you notice in the last swatch (3 coats) because of the fibers it made my lashes clump up and become spider like lashes.  Overall I think with 1-2 coats it works really well especially if you have short lashes like mine but would get more points if it was waterproof and gave me more thickness in my lashes.  The mirror it comes with is a plus especially when you are on the go =)

Stella Cadente Miss Me Perfume | $69 for fullsize
"A blend of peony, orange, and silkwood blossom provides blossomy floral notes, while Siamese benzoin, tolu and peru balm add muted vanilla tones"

It has a floral powdery scent to it that is a bit romantic but I have to say it smells like it is meant for older women.  I have to admit that it is not my type of scent and I do not like it.  I love the little pouch it came in and that it is a spray sample (which you guys know I love because I always complain if it is otherwise lol).  After a while of having the scent linger, the powdery scent from it does fade a bit and more of the floral sweet-tart scent pops through.

The boxes I would say are worth the $10 due to the sample sizes but the products are alright.  My favorite has to be the lipgloss from the December box, the rest are okay but I am glad I got to sample them.

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Let me know what you think of the boxes? and which one did you get?


  1. Spider lashes *scared* looks like a good box though!! :)

    1. ya the boxes arent bad! just wish the scents were more flattering and I know right?!! spider lashes are not pretty lol


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