MyGlam/Ipsy (December 2012 & November 2012)

Hello hello!  Here is my myglam for December and November.. finally I know.  I have been so bad at uploading lately =.=.  So how was everyone's Christmas?!! Meerrrrrrry Post Chriiiiiiiiistmas!! I love Christmas time! The decorations and lights are always so pretty.  I love the normal white Christmas lights and all the peppermint chocolate and coffee's that come out.  Anyway back to the post! read on to check out what I thought of the products in my bags!

The Bag: December
This months bag really does look like a cosmetic bag.  It is a dark grey metallic type color with pink inside.  I love the inside it looks very professional and feels very sturdy.

Mirabella Prime:
This is a primer for the face and eyes.  It is a translucent primer which is a bit odd to me since I am use to the skin colored type.  I personally feel as though it gives a matte finish but not entirely sure if the performance is up to par.  I would recommend it as a face primer over a eye primer because eye-shadows seem to look more pigmented over my blinc and UD primers compared to this one.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania:
I also received a look pigment in Black Pearl by NYX.  It is more on the metallic side and I would say is duo tone.  Black with some grey/silver flecks in it.  Depending on the lighting you can see a silver/grey sheen in the black.  It is quite pretty and makes a great smokey eye.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil:
We were also given an UD 24/7 eyeliner in Zero.  This is my 2nd 24/7 liner by UD both given my Myglam/Ipsy.  It sure does go on smoothly and will smudge unless you set it with a dark shadow.

Naked Skin Urban Decay Beauty Balm:
So I also received this product as a bonus in my Ipsy bag.  It is an UD BB cream.  I believe this is not out in stores yet, so I am glad I received this chance to try it out.  I was a bit skeptical because I could not find a color for the BB and it seemed a bit dark on my skin.  However I was really surprised that while blending it into my skin it blended really well and matched it quite well.    It is really light and is meant more to even out skin tone and cover redness.  If you were scared like I was at first just be sure to blend it in and it will match your skin tone perfectly =)

This also has a minty scent to it, which I hate.  If you have been following me for a while and follow my reviews then you know I really dislike mint scented products.  Which is a shame because I really do like this product.  Not meant for those that like a heavy coverage foundation.  I don't find it buildable either.

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper:
I would say this is a 2 in one paper, highlighter and peach blush.  You can tell by the paper of the sheets that it is quite shimmery and a bit peachy.  In order to receive a highlight effect rub it lightly onto the areas you want to highlight, if you want the highlight and a light touch of color rub it a little harder.  This is pretty interesting and I have to say is great for traveling or keeping in your bag or car for touch ups. There is no scent to the product just the paper.  The paper is also coated on one side leaving the other side to blend with your hand.  I have to say that a con for this product is that it will leave your fingers quite shimmery after each use and is quite pricey.  I wanted to purchase the blush ones to try because I missed out on that bag but its over $20 for this little pack.  A bit too much for me.. I would rather just purchase a normal blush compact.

Be A Bombshell Lipgloss:
We also received another lipgloss.. This is "hot mess" it is a very pretty reddish jelly like gloss.  It does not seem to have a scent.. which is great because sometimes they have good scents and others have horrible scents.  The color is very pretty alone and on top of lipstick, it is also quite sticky.  I feel like after a while it is more like stain.  Leaves a "I just had a red popsicle" type look on the lips after an hour or so.

The Bag: November
The bag was a plain brown bag and was a bit annoying because the zipper kept getting stuck.  Once I fixed it, it would get stuck again.  I contacted customer service and they went ahead and sent another one =)

Starlet Cosmetics:
We got a black eyeliner which works okay but it does need to be warmed up a bit before use or it can feel rough on the eyes.  It is certainly dark though.

Bare Minerals Moxie:
It has a slight minty scent =(.  However, it is very pretty!  A sheer lipgloss with some shimmer to it.  The color I received is Dare Devil.  It is also a sticky base lip gloss.

Chella Brow Gel:

People were either getting this product or the Benefit mascara sample depending on your activity on or your profile.  At first I didn't want the benefit mascara but then I did lol.. too bad I ended up getting this one.  The first one I got felt very empty so they sent another one along with the replacement bag.  The new one seemed the same.  I guess because it is clear and is not as well as other eyebrow gels, so it felt empty... does that make any sense?  It didn't do anything for my brows or at least it didn't feel or look like it.

Meet Matt(e):
We also got a nice sample of the "Matt Batali" from the Meet Matt(e) palette by theBalm.  It is pretty and a simple deep brown.  Great for lining the eyes or out corners and in the crease.  The pigmentation seems okay not too bad, not chalky at all.

Nailtini Nail Polish:
I have been wearing this nail polish a lot since I received it!  It is very pretty and great for Christmas and the new year! It has gold, mint, blue, purple and pink in it.  It is buildable and I personally like it better with 3 coats.

-1 coat-
-2 coat-
-3 coat-

I would say both bags were well worth the $10.  As I stated in previous reviews Ipsy is really stepping it up with their products and samples.  Although not everyone is satisfied but I sure am.  The past few months didnt really have skincare or haircare products so I am happy that they are sticking to makeup.

Did you like my Ipsy bag this month and missed my past Ipsy reviews?.. You can view all my Ipsy reviews at the following: label/Myglam


  1. I wish Ipsy was available in Australia. Love the stuff you received.

    1. =).. Write on their Facebook wall or twitter and have all your friends do the same! I am sure they are working on it =).. The more people demand or request it they will eventually do it.


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