eBay Haul.. Nail Art and Jewelry!

oh how I love eBay hauls!  They are usually inexpensive items and cute stuff with FREE SHIPPING!  I love free shipping lol.  I got some great things that I have used and have yet to use.  This is a long overdue haul and a short one.  I believe I purchased these items back in November but they are still available for listing.  eBay sellers, prices and links will be provided incase you are interested in purchasing the same items!

I bought this cupcake stand thing from Ross for $5 they do have the flat ones as well for $4.. reminded me of the cloche jewelry storage people buy from Pottery Barn.  I've always found it too pricey.. luckily I saw this at Ross.  I have purchased several things in these past months from Ross.  If you are interested, I can do a short Collective Ross Haul for you guys, the products I purchased I believe are still available in the stores.

Seller prettystylesoul
Item: 5pc 2 way Dotting Tool
Price & Shipping: $2.34-- Free Shipping
Total: $2.34
How long it took for me to receive: 1-2 weeks

I already own dotting tools.. they work great and are still in great condition.  These are actually for a friend.. she has been wanting them!  (come get em Rach!) lol

Item: 30 Sheets Colorful Nail Art Decal Stickers
Price & Shipping: $2.46-- Free Shipping
Total: $2.46
How long it took for me to receive: 2-3 weeks

I still have yet to use them.  I don't usually use nail art stickers, since I tend to do my own nail art.. but I thought 30 sheets for ~$2.50 what a great deal haha!  Plus I am sharing some with a friend =p.  There are about 10 white ones, 10 black and silver ones and 10 colorful ones.

Item 1: Colorful Rhinestones Bow Earring Studs
Price & Shipping: $1.29-- Free Shipping
Total: $1.29
How long it took for me to receive: 3-4 weeks

Love these earrings! I kept looking at them and could not resist them.  At first I wasn't going to purcahse them but the colors are so pretty and who can resist bows?  Since I purchased these in November, my mindset was "oh how cute would these look for the holidays" and indeed they were cute!  I got a lot of compliments!  They are very light weight too!

Item: Heart Love Letter Ear Stud Earring
Price & Shipping: $0.99-- Free Shipping
Total: $0.99
How long it took for me to receive: 2-3 weeks

I was a little hesitant when buying these because I wasn't sure about them.  They are different than any of the earrings I own or have seen in store.  i came across these because I have been looking for those "love" rings.  Well I am glad I bought it for .99 you cant really go wrong.  They are light weight and very cute.  I also got a lot of compliments on these because they are different.  I love that I can also just wear the heart stud alone without the rest of the earring.  Can you imagine how great these would be to wear next month! being Valentines day and all.  Light weight as well!

Seller bigkeyboard
Item: Crystal Rhinestone Angel Wing Ring
Price & Shipping: $1.38-- Free Shipping (x2)
Total: $2.76
How long it took for me to receive: 2-3 weeks

I saw these and had to get it!  I purchased both the bronze and silver version.  It looked so great in the photo that I had to share with my friend.  One of them is hers but I'm not gonna spoil it and tell you which color she is getting because she does read my blog =p Sorry Melissa! haha.  They look awesome!  This really does attract compliments.  People near me would ask where I got it.. it is quite different.. especially if you pair it with a girly chic outfit lol (it stands out!).. goes great if you like to do that rocker chic look as well!  You would think that by looking at it, it would be heavy.. but nope!  It is actually quite light!

Don't forget that prices change.. some maybe higher or lower than what I paid.  Also you can look around eBay for other sellers that may sell the same things for cheaper.  2 of the sellers I purchased from sell the same things but some items were cheaper than the other.

I do have another eBay haul coming up featuring cell phone accessories.  Still waiting on a few more items to get to me =).. I will be getting my Samsung Galaxy s3 on tuesday, so I bought some items ahead of time.  I love eBay.. don't you?!  Let me know if you intend on getting yourself some of these items!  We can be twinnies!

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  1. I thought I commented last time I read this but I guess not. Damn you for your temptation ;) Can't wait for the angel wings :D


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