Make-Up Shelf Life.. Let's Make a Pact!

Have you gone through your make-up stash lately?  -raises hand- I have!  I noticed several products that I have had for months and some even years that should have been thrown away.  Sadly, I open so many new products and sample products that they go to waste because I usually go to my everyday stuff.  We should make a pact! All of us together! Read till the end for the pact and let me know if you're in!

We all know there comes a day when we have to toss make-up in the trash.  I feel really said when it's one of my favorite products but even sadder when it is something I only swatched once in the past because I think "oh man.. there goes my money".  If you know you don't/won't use something give it to someone else or donate it.  That way it is getting it's use and not just sitting on your shelf gathering dust.  I had a bunch of "extras" and doubles of products I love and samples.. I used them as stocking stuffers and put some items together to make great gifts this past Christmas.  The products in the previous photo are things I have had for a long time and need to go in the trash =( bye bye favorite glosses.

After a lot of research, I made this list with the expiration dates for you guys!  I certainly know that I do not follow all these guidelines.  I love eyeshadows and love to keep them.. even my lipsticks.  I make sure to wipe both the tops of my lipsticks and eyeshadows with a paper towel and alcohol.  The ones I do make sure to follow are: foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, toothbrush/cleaner and wash my makeup brushes weekly.  This guideline is just for those of you that have kept that old makeup forever!  Time to get rid of some..

In order to keep your make-up lasting till the last year or month of its shelf life.. you must really keep it in top condition.  Tightening those lids, make sure your mascaras, cream shadows and liners are all tightly sealed after each use.  Sharpening those pencils weekly and wiping down your makeup weekly as well.  Most products will have a date or number on the bottom of the product to let you know how long it should be kept before tossing it out.  If you happen to notice any separation, thinning, thickening or an odor.. stop using and toss it in the trash right away, no matter what the date says or what the guidelines says.  Also, when your brushes start to get rough and brittle, toss those as well.  Anything that starts to irritate your skin, toss it.

Firstly, go through your stash and toss out things that you think are expired.. and I mean looooong overdue or give away/donate products you just don't use or will never open.  Second, let's not let our makeup go to waste and start using different products everyday.  For example, you have 30 lipsticks(like me).. use a different one each day.. same goes for your eyeliners and mascaras and nail polish!  That way in the end, we will feel slightly better about tossing them out.  What do you think?

Are you in?!

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  1. Very impressive amount of lipsticks!

    1. lol thanks.. sadly, they are all similar colors =.= haha!


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