Starlooks (January 2013)

This is the last box that will be provided to me from Starlooks and it is a darn good box!

The Box:
I noticed that the design and color of the box changes monthly.  This month it was a very pretty mint green box with a bright yellow/green tissue paper.  This month we received a makeup brush, brown liner, green liner, blush and a bracelet.

"858" Soft Small Dome Fluff: Approx.| $15
I like to use this brush to pack on the shadow on my lid or blend out cream shadows.  It is certainly soft and small and because it is dense it holds and grabs the shadow well.  The handle is quite long though, sort of like a #2 pencil.

"Brown" Eye Liner Pencil: Approx.| $8
It goes on very smoothly and quite pigmented.  It looks great and gives intensity to the eyes without being too harsh like a regular black liner.  I have been using this almost everyday since I got it.  I also like to use it for my eyebrows (using a light hand and small strokes).  It looks harsh for the eyebrows during application but once "spoolied" out it looks natural.  (In the last photo the top hello is with a light hand and the bottom one with a heavier one)

"Fancy" Diamondline Eye Pencil: Approx.| $15
I received another pencil liner in the box.  It is a sparkly liner (hence the diamond in the name).  It contains small bits of glitter in it.  I am not fond of the color for myself I would have liked another one of the colors form the line.  However, spring is coming up and I am sure it will look nice on the lower lash line or inner corners. This pencil also glides on smoothly with a punch of color and sparkle.

"Cuty Peach" Blush: Approx.| $12
I am loving this blush.  It has great pigmentation and gives a soft flush to the cheeks.  The texture of the blush is soft to the touch.  It is a satin powder blush so it gives a very nice soft sheen without it being too shimmery.  I am in love with the packaging.  I think it looks very clean.  A clear cover and edges with a black label in the center on the bottom.  I am a blush girl so I checked out their blush collection... such pretty colors! I want them all!

Abby Rose Designs Bracelet: Approx.| $15
This was a nice surprise in the box.  Abby Rose Designs can be found on etsy.  This bracelet is called "Green Ivy" and is handmade.  I do like their other bracelets.  I am just not a huge green person when it comes to clothing and accessories but I do love the design of this bracelet.  I do love their motto "The world around us is inspiring--a gorgeous palette of emotion and allure, both of which are incorporated into each Abby Rose piece.  Inspiration can be drawn at a moments notice--from texture, color, or even a fleeting though."

Crystal Quartz:
..and last but not least the crystal quartz that is included in each box.

Where can you subscribe?
You can go to to sign up and subscribe to their beauty subscription for $15 a month.  If you decide to sign up (I don't know why you wouldnt!) please put "hiiyooitscat" as the person who recommended you! Of if you like their FB and follow them on twitter be sure to let them know I sent you! =)

If you missed any of my past Starlooks boxes, you can view them here.

I enjoyed this box and love the blush!  I believe this box is definitely worth the $15.  I mean the brush itself is $15.. it's almost like everything else was bonus.  I enjoyed the ride with Starlooks being a sponsored reviewer and I have been offered to join their monthly subscription.  I already said yes.. and should be starting next month (February).  Hopefully my textbook funds don't get in the way! lol.

What did you think of this box?  Let me know if there is anything you would like me to review!

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review by the kindness of the company, I am not getting paid for my review.. as always everything is my honest opinion.

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