e.l.f Lustrous Eyeshadow Review

One of the many products that e.l.f has come out with within the past several months.  The packaging reminds me of L'oreal's Infallible shadows and the texture reminds me of Maybelline's Mousse line.  Read on to find out exactly what I think of them and swatches!

E.L.F Long lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow:
I love how simple the packaging is for these products, a clear bottom and a black top.  The colors are beautiful and the texture is a little bit like a mousse.  I personally like the texture, it's different.  It is more finger friendly than brush friendly.  You get a lot more product if you use your fingers than a brush.  The pigmentation is not that great alone after being blended (better to just pat it on without blending) but if it is worn over a dark base it looks great and really stands out. 

These are also $3 each and can be bought from their website.  They currently have 7 colors and it is unknown if they will be coming out with more.

Eyelid Swatches:
I will be showing you how they look when worn alone and blended on top of primer as well as over a dark brown eyeshadow.



  • Simple Packaging
  •  Inexpensive
  • Easy to blend
  • Finger Friendly
  • Fallout
  • Fades quickly
  • Pigmentation is very light
  • Not brush friendly

  I like the colors and texture and how it looks over a dark base but I don't think they are worth $3.  They are worth it if you get them when they are having a 50% off promo.  The pigmentation just doesn't do it for me.  They fade quite quickly even on top of primer.  I won't be buying any of the other colors.

What do you think of these? do you think they're worth it?

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