NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

"It's not a lipstick, nor is it a gloss.  It's like nothing you've experienced before.  It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte."!  Doesn't that sound great?  The colors are beautiful and NYX is a great brand.  Read on to see if it truly does go on silky smooth and worth the price.


I purchased this set from Urban Outfitters, they had this box set as well as individual ones.  The individual ones were $6 each and this set was only $12.  Basically getting 1 free.  The 3 colors that came in the box are: Antwerp, Addis Ababa and Tokyo.  This line of lip creams from NYX comes in 11 different colors.  They also have another set of lip creams called Xtreme Lip Cream that also has 11 colors.

The tube packaging contains 6.5g/.23oz of the product inside.  It is packaged like a lip gloss instead of a lipstick.  It also comes with a doe foot applicator, which makes it easy to give an even application on the lips. 

The colors are so pretty, I want to get the other 8!  The colors are not exactly unique but the idea of the product is.  I think you can find these colors in just about any brand but the fact that it is a lip cream and is applied with a doe foot is a little different.  I don't own anything else like it in my collection.


-Addis Ababa- My favorite!


  • Creamy
  • Pigmented
  • Variety of colors available
  • Easy to blend
  • Gives a very nice finish
  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Nice staying power, the darker/brighter colors leave a nice stain after some time (Addis Ababa)
  • Can be drying for some people (as most matte products are)
  • Lighter colors may enhance the look of dry lips
In order to over come the cons, you must exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly.  There are multiple ways you can do this, for example, you can take a toothbrush and lightly brush over your lips.  You can also make your own lip scrub with sugar and petroleum jelly or sugar and extra virgin olive oil.  My favorite is using baking soda because I like the texture.  Then lastly, use your favorite lip-balm or any thing that moisturizes your lips.  Before putting on the lipcream be sure to blot your lips from their moisture for an even and smooth application.


  Love love love!  I know what you're thinking, why the 4 hearts if I love it so much?  Well $6 a pop isn't worth it to me.. but the 3 for $12 is and so far the only set I can find is the one I purchased.  At the moment on Ulta's website they are BOGO! (buy one get one 50% off).  Also, I am not sure how accessible these lip creams are.  I've only seen them at Urban Outfitters, Ulta and Cherryculture.com.  These products go on so smoothly and is creamy but applies evenly.  It looks like you put on a lipstick but it's so light weight I forget I have it on.  For these specific lip creams I would suggest staying away from the really light colors such as "Tokyo".  I wasn't a fan of the color or the application on my lips, it looks a bit chalky and enhances any dryness you may have on your lips.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and be sure to let me know which colors I should pick up next during the Ulta BOGO sale!  Have you tried these?  What is your opinion on the colors and products?


  1. I also have this lippy in antwerp, tokyo, istanbul and san paulo. But I have to say that my favorite is antwerp. Tokyo doesn't look good on me because of my skin tone and it makes my lips look super dry!! But lucky you that it looks good on you. Very nice review! :)


    1. Hi, If a lip gloss is applied, does that take away from the transferring or staying power of the lippies? Thx


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