Relogy Acne Treatment Review

I was able to pick out this product from the iFabbo shop!  I am really hesitant when it comes to skin care products because my skin is so sensitive.  However, the claims on the website made me want to try it.  First of all it is cruelty free and 100% organic, how great is that?!  I have been using this product for a few weeks now and thought it was time to do a review.


Product & Packaging:
The products came in this little canvas bag.  I think it's a nice add on to packaging, You can reuse it for something else or store the products in it.  I received 3 products: the treatment, lotion and acne spot treatment.  The whole treatment and it's products can be found at  It is a subscription.  You can order a 60,90 or 120 day supply.  The 60 day supply is currently $50.

 Step 1- Treatment Foam:
On the bottle it states that it is a "dual action treatment foam and penetrates the skin better, to clear blemishes fast".  It is 100% benzoyl peroxide free.  The bottle also contains 4oz of the cleanser inside.  I love that it has a pump, gives more control over the product.  This product can be used as a treatment (put it on the areas that have acne and let it penetrate/dry on the skin) or as a cleanser.  I personally use it as a cleanser because my face is too dry to use it the as a treatment.

The directions say to use a quarter size amount which is half a pump (what you see below).  I like to use 1 full pump because I feel that it gives the perfect amount to cleanse my whole face.  Since it is a foam cleanser, it feels airy on the skin.  There is no tingly feeling or cooling effect with this cleanser.  It just cleans your face.  It does have a light scent to it, somewhat of a lemon scent.  The scent is barley there while you are using it of course =).  After cleansing my face feels clean but quite dry, however, that is where step 2 comes in to take over.

Step 2- Lotion:
Step 2 is the skin balancing lotion with coconut milk.  This bottle contains 2oz of product inside.  This 'lotion' also has coconut oil and milk as well as jojoba in the ingredients.  Just by reading that, I knew that it would be quite moisturizing.  It also contains a pump, making it more controllable.

The directions state to use a pea-size amount (shown below), which is about half a pump.  Now I love moisturizer for my face, I mean I like to use a lot to make sure it is moisturized.  I have really dry skin so I need all the moisturizer I can get.  For me personally I use a little over 1/2-1 full pump.  If you have oily skin I recommend sticking to half a pump, it could feel a bit greasy if you have too much.  I do feel a little warm tingly sensation a few seconds after applying it to my face.  The sensation does go away in less than a minute.  It either has a very light scent or is scent free because I really don't smell anything. 

It is a little thick when it comes out of the pump/ not runny at all but it goes on very smooth and actually feels a bit watery when it is being applied on the face.  My face feels really moisturized and smooth after application but a a little greasy or something.  I can't really explain it but I am assuming it is because of the coconut oil and jojoba.  It feels like those body butter mars from lush (if you've tried them).  The greasy feeling does subside a little after it penetrates and soaks into the skin.

Acne Spot Treatment:
You can tell from the name that it is a spot treatment for acne.  This specific one contains seaweed extract and .23 fl oz of product in the tube.  The product claims to contain other natural ingredients that corrects dark spots, prevents scarring and boost acne treatment results.  It has a roller ball making it a roll on treatment.

The product goes on clear with a cooling effect (due to the silver ball), also has a lemon scent to it.  The treatment itself feels hydrating and moisturizing instead of drying.  It is different than other spot treatments I have tried.  It is not as watery as others, it actually feels gel like until it dries (takes a few seconds).



  • Has pumps
  • Cleans the skin
  • Keeps the skin moisturized
  • Scent (doesn't last long but would be better if it was completely scent free)
  • Lotion can feel a bit oily for the first 5-10 minutes
  • Subscription ( 60,90,120 days supply)(no commitment, you can cancel if you do not like it)

 If you are interested in the product you can go here:Relogy.  The link provided is a special offer for my subscribers and helps track that you guys were referred to from my blog =).   Receive free Shipping & $24.95 savings on a 1yr subscription.


  I do like the products and how they make my skin feel and look.  I do get acne on my face but since using these products my acne is a bit minimized.  The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does take a while for the oily feel of the lotion to disappear.  I am also not a fan of the scent because it reminds me of anti-bacterial wipes.   I do like how the product itself works.  It cleaned my face.  The moisturizer does not dry out quickly.  The spot treatment is cool too and can't wait to start using it more often.  Overall the treatment is great for a morning routine with a different moisturizer and the whole routine (treatment, lotion, spot treatment) is great as a night routine.  My skin felt great the next morning.

I did not include this in my heart rating because I prefer to rate solely on the product itself but I am not a fan of subscription based products.  I would much rather be able to pop into a drugstore and pick up what I need because if you're like me you run out of one sooner than the other. 

I hope this review was helpful if you were wondering about this brand and it's products.  I would be more likely to pick up the product again if I was able to pick it up somewhere, rather than ordering online.  Follow @relogynow on twitter as well as myself (@hiiyooitscat) and be sure to follow #relogyifabbo to see what others are saying about the products!

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review from the company, I am not getting paid for my review.. as always everything is my honest opinion.  I am an iFabbo member.


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