eBay Haul: Cell Phone Accessories

This haul is way overdue!  Before I got my cell phone I wanted to make sure I had my case and accessories instead of waiting for them after.  eBay is the best place to search because of the cheap prices!  Amazon can be a good place to shop too but most of the time eBay is cheaper because most of the products are free shipping.  Unfortunately eBay changed their "purchase history page", I can't seem to find the products in my account, so I will be estimating the prices but I cannot link which sellers I got the products from.

Item: Heart Rhinestone Dust Plug
~Price & Shipping: $0.99-- Free Shipping

A dust plug is basically what it says a plug lol.  I put it in my earphone jack on the cell.  It looks quite cute.  I barely ever use the jack anyway so it's perfect for me to have it there.  It was only .99cents!  They have a lot of cute dust plugs on eBay for $1-$2.

Item:Floral studded cell phone case
~Price & Shipping: $5-$6-- Free Shipping

I love floral patterns.  Especially the ones that aren't too colorful or busy and this one was perfect.  I was also looking for a studded case.  The case itself is not slipper, it actually has a slight silicone feel to it but its a hard case.  I've had this phone for several months now and the studs have not fallen off.  The seller did include some extra studs and glue in-case that does happen; a cell phone strap was also included.  I love my case!

Item(s):Mirrored screen protector & Anti-Glare screen protector
~Price & Shipping: $2-3 each-- Free Shipping

I wanted a regular protector but then I saw how the mirror one looks and its pretty cool when the screen is turned on.  However, I did take off the mirror screen protector because others would complain that they couldn't see my screen when they were using my phone.  Also it was hard, almost impossible for me to text or be on my phone in the sun because of the glare on the screen.  I did really like how it looked though.

Item:Clear hard cell phone case
~Price & Shipping: $1-2-- Free Shipping
I decided to get a clear cell phone case because I wanted to decorate it myself.  It's always cheap when you have a diy project in mind.  Also, I tend to be more proud of my stuff when it's something I made or decorated myself.  There are many ways you can go about this (scrapbooking paper, deco, rhinestones, nail polish, etc).  I still haven't decorated mine yet but I'm still trying to figure out what I wanna do with it.

Item:10 mini cell phone stylus/dust plug
~Price & Shipping: $3-$4-- Free Shipping

I love the colors that came with these.  I gave some away =).  They can also be used as a dust plug to hang on your phone so you don't lose it.  I don't use mine all the time but I do like using it when I play games (candy crush) =).   I also use it on my tablet.

Current Look:

This is what my phone looks like with the case, dust plug and mirrored protector.  That is also my current lock screen wallpaper.  I just found a photo online and edited it on one of my photo editing apps.  The words motivate me everyday and usually help me out when my shoulders tend to feel heavy (stress).

That is it for this haul! I hope you guys enjoyed it.  If you want me to do a post on what apps I use or my favorite apps just let me know!  I have a few favorites that I use all the time from music, photos, traffic, to school apps.  Thanks for reading and remember 'Be strong, keep fighting and just smile'!


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