Make Me Up: Eye Meet Matt(e)

Product List:
Eyes: Meet Matt(e) Palette (Matt Smith, Gallagher & Schilling) &Urban Decay's Moon Spoon e/s
Eyeliner: Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen
Cheeks: Nyx Rose Petal Cream Blush
Lips: Rosebud Salve Balm (tube version)

 I love using green (the one being used is a muted green) and brown together.  The two colors compliment each other well and look even better on the eyes (especially brown eyes).  They also work on both cool and warm skin tones.  The light dust of shimmer will also add some dimension to the eyes (best applied in the center of the lid).

The Look:
A beautiful day with some of the girls for lunch and shopping.  For days like this I like to do a simple look with some color on the lids without being overly dramatic.  Leave the drama for the nights out on the town (well I should say in the city since I live in L.A).

Full Face Makeup:

Usually for a girls day out I like it to be all about the girls (no guys allowed), it's more fun that way.  However, I had to bring some of my matt(e)s along & I'm sure your girlfriends wouldn't mind if you brought some of yours as well.  Now, tell me what your go to colors are for a girls day out.

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