Monthly Favorites (July 2013)

  1. Tony Moly Lip Tint in Cherry Pink: Travel Size Full Size
  2. Marbella 24 hour Permanent Eyeliner Pen in Black
  3. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded
  4. theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette
  5. Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream
  6. Benefit Highbeam
  7. Mac Lip Tint Conditioning Balm in Fuchsia Fix  

I have been using the Tony Moly lip tint everyday since I got it! I have the mini version and it seriously is mini.  It's about the same size as those large 25¢ gumballs.  I like to use it to give a nice soft gradient effect to the lips (apparently it's getting popular and is being dubbed as Korean gradient lips).  It's also comparable to Benefits Benetint.  Now for the Marbella eyeliner pen (yes the one I received in my Ipsy bag a few months ago) I have been using it everyday and it works great.  The thin felt tip makes lining and winging my eyes as simple as blinking my eyes.  It also stays on almost all day!  So we all know how much I love the Maybelline color tattoos right?  Well I finally got my hands on Barely Branded a few months back and I pick up this beautiful pearly thing every single day!  I use it on my brow bone, tear ducts and a little on my eyelids (sometimes it's the only thing I put on my eyes).  Due to it's light metallic-ness it makes my eyes appear brighter and gives it a little more dimension with minimal color.  If you have been reading my latest reviews then you certainly know about how much I raved about theBalm's Meet Matt(e).  Great matt(e) colors that blend well and can be used to make both natural and dramatic looks.  Woo-hoo hold on to your seats ladies this next product is a pricey one.  The Hydroxatone anti-aging BB cream with SPF 40 goes for $60! Woah did I say $60? yes I did!  I will have a review up for this soon but in short it has great coverage for a bb cream more on the thicker side and the high spf is a plus for the summer!  Highlighting is a dry skinned girl's best friend and who better to be a best friend then Benefit's highbeam?  I will admit there are a lot of liquid highlights out there but I really enjoy highbeam.  You don't need much of it and it gives a nice glow to the face without making it look too shimmery, oily or fake.  Finally, last but not least Mac's lip tint conditioner.  Sorry ladies I didn't realize that they were discontinued before I put the photo on the collage, you can probably find it at your local CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet).  It is quite conditioning and I love the light tint it gives me.  I would compare the tint to the Revlon color whispers and the conditioning to your favorite lip balm.

  1. Justin Timberlake: That Girl
  2. Mariah Carey: #Beautiful
  3. Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Lovestruck Musical Version & the Original)
  4. Hayley Kiyoko: A Belle to Remember
  1. K.Drama: Heartstrings (cute love story)
  2. My newest addiction: Franklin and Bash (keeps me entertained till Psych comes back!)
Apps: (I own a Samsung Galaxy S3)
  1. Out of Milk Shopping List
  2. Shazam
  3. Waze
  4. DecoPic

That's it for this month's monthly favorites.  This is my first time sharing my monthly favorites and I have to say I enjoyed sharing them with you.  I do have detailed reviews for the products I mentioned coming soon.  I would love to know what your favorite products, songs and apps are this month--share in the comments below! "Belle to remember, do you remember? A belle to remember, you'll want to love me" --That's my car jam! Check it out!

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