eBay haul: False Eyelashes

I got these lashes a few weeks ago.  I purchased each one from a different seller and one of the sellers is "Ashopon".  This is a trusted seller, I purchase from them all the time =).  All of my lashes were about $1-$4.  They are quite comfortable.  Not the softest lashes but they certainly do not poke or irritate my eye area.  If you don't mind the e.l.f lashes, then these will be fine for you.  I love using the e.l.f lashes and ebay ones because they are inexpensive and they look quite natural.

These are my favorite!

Surprisingly I haven't been wearing false lashes  recently but it's nice to have a variety to choose from for when I do decide to wear them.  The last two are the most natural looking and the first 2 are for a more dramatic look =).  What kind of false lashes do you wear?

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