How to: Gradient Lips aka Korean Lip Trend

Product List:
1st look: Catchu Tony Moly lip tint in cherry
2nd look: Concealer & Josie Maran magic marker lip and cheek stain
3rd look: Revlon Creme Brulee lip butter & VS Glossy liptint in manic pink

This lip look has been very popular lately, the natural ombre lip look aka Korean ombre lip trend.  The reason why it is known as the Korean lip trend is because people that traveled to Korea noticed this trend out there and brought the inspiration back with them to share with all of us.  I absolutely love this look and have been wearing it almost everyday.  I think it looks some what natural (depending which version you use).

How To Achieve The Look:
All the steps are basically the same.  The main idea is to have your lips bare or nude and apply some color in the center of your lips and blend out only in the concentrated area (the center), DO NOT BLEND TO THE EDGE OF YOUR LIPS!  Using your finger to blend it out will make it look more natural.

Looks like you just had a red popsicle!

Just a little concealer is needed, too much will make it look too obvious.  Lipbalm helps make the look appear more natural.

The most natural looking and my favorite

You can also blot your lips together and take any foundation brush and brush the left over on the edges of your lips!  It will also give a flawless natural ombre effect.

Which one is your favorite?  I love the 3rd look.  Also instead of concealer or lipstick you can use lip liners =).  Use whatever you have.  The bright ombre lips were big this summer and with fall around the corner I think this more natural ombre lip look is perfect!  It's also perfect for back to school, if you want subtle color without going all out!

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