Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream Review, Photos & Swatches

Anti-aging BB Cream:
Price: $59.95
Availability: Hydroxatone.com
Weight: 1.5 Fl.oz
SPF: 40
Shades: Light, Medium, Tan, Deep Tan, Dark
Skin Type: All
Paraben and Cruelty Free: Yes   
Claims: "..your all-in-one multi-tasking perfecting cream . It hydrates, conceals, protects, reduces the look of aging and brightens skin in just one step"

I have tested out this BB cream for about 3 months now and so far so good along with some major cons.  Let me start by saying SPF 40, whoa!!  That is a great amount of SPF, especially if you'll be out in the sun a lot.  It comes with 1.5 fl.oz which is a little more than a regular bb cream and foundation since most of them come with 1 fl.oz.  They also offer 5 different shades from light to dark.

The Hydroxatone bb cream is very creamy and goes on smoothly.  It also gives light coverage on the first application but can be built up for medium coverage with some of your skin still peeking through. It also gives a matte finish, feels light and moisturizing on the skin only if you moisturize before applying this product.  I noticed that if I did not moisturize my skin properly before use then during application the bb cream would feel great and my skin would feel softer but after a while it just feels dry.  With moisturizer my skin would look and feel oily by the end of my day.

As for skin type being all, I have to disagree a bit with this.  By mid-day I can see that the product has settled around my pores and you can clearly see the dry spots and flakes on my face.

Swatches & Application:
I own this bb cream in medium but it's actually lighter than my skin tone and took a while to oxidize but still appeared lighter than my skin.

From top to bottom: bare face, 1 layer of bb cream, 2 layers of bb cream

  • Blends well
  • Scent (Lemon)
  • Evens skin tone
  • Good coverage
  • Firms
  • SPF 40
  • Price
  • Range of shades (only 5)
  • Dry spots are more noticable
  • Due to the SPF you get a white cast in photos


I am giving the Hydroxatone BB Cream 3 hearts of approval because I do like to use it but I prefer to use it  when I do errands.  It actually made my monthly favorites list.  However, I personally wouldn't wear this all day, I feel that at the end of the day it looks horrible so it's best to wear it for those days you're going to the market or just doing a few errands.  The price is also a major benefactor of a heart dropping.  It is quite pricey for a bb cream that I do not plan on using everyday or for times I want to wear something all day.  It is an anti-aging bb cream so if you're looking for a product that helps even out skin tone, firms, and protects your skin from uva/uvb rays then I say try this out (of course if you don't mind the price point).  There are several other reviews for this product on amazon, incase you wanted another opinon. =)

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review from the company, I am not getting paid for my review.. as always everything is my honest opinion.  I am an iFabbo member.


  1. wow! It does coverage the whole face..
    BTw (off topic) I would definitely recommend you to try out the pro-active.It's the best for acne cure. My hubby used it and all of his pimples including the blemishes are gone!! :D )
    Thanks for the share

    1. ooh I tried it in HS but that was like 8 years ago.. I think I should try it again.. the commercials seem interesting.

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