Ipsy (July 2013)

I finally got my Coola tinted moisturizer, it was missing from my bag.  As soon as I contacted Ipsy's customer service I was assured that they were going to send me one and they did!

The Bag: July
 This months bag is made of pink vinyl and is in a pencil bag shape.  I really like the neon pink and the simple "ipsy beauty by you" logo.  This bag makes it into my "favorite ipsy bags" pile.  I will most likely use this bag for my mechanical pencils and highlighters for class (I currently use the rainbow bag we got last july--my favorite of them all).

Sexy Hair:
I received a deluxe sample of the Soy Renewal Beach Spray, it is suppose to give the hair body, volume and texture while conditioning and hydrating the hair.  You can find this at your local Ulta for $19.95 for the fullsize (5.1oz).  I still have yet to use this.  The only things I usually put on my hair are hair oils and heat tamer spray.  Since it is called a "beach spray" I will assume it does the same as a salt spray.  Basically helps give texture to achieve those beachy waves.  I may be wrong though.

derma e:
This Microdermabrasion Scrub is quite harsh on my sensitive skin because of the little beads.  I would use this product at least once a week -- preferably on my beauty spa/pampering day (sunday, when is yours?) to help diminish my dul skin and acne scars to help fade away the top layer of my skin.  Microdermabrasion is great because it helps buff away the dead skin cells on the top layer or your skin to reveal a new fresh looking layer helping your skin to look and feel soft.  You can use this product with just your fingers/hands no devices needed.  This product has a strong lemon-citrus scent to it but it fades away after it is rinsed off the face.  It can be found at the dermae website and goes for $32.50 for the full size (2oz).

 This is a Mineral Sunscreen--tinted moisturizer with spf 20.  Since it is a tinted moisturizer it is very light and minimal coverage.  With the spf it helps prevent some damage from the sun and evens out the skin tone.  From the tube it has a fresh light rose scent but when it is applied the scent slowly fades.  The consistency and the color blends very well into my skin.  My skin feels soft and slightly moisturized.  If you like the fresh just got out of bed natural look, this product is for you.  This one is a bit pricey it goes for $30 for the full size (1.7oz).

Bh Cosmetics:
This small palette of 3 shadows is the California Collection eyeshadow sample.  It contains a single shadow sample from each of California palettes.  Each full size palette (contains 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes) is currently priced at $8.95 and if you are an ipsy subbie it is priced at $7.  The purple seems to be a bit weak with the pigmentation where as the brown and yellow are a little more pigmented.  The colors are pretty but nothing special. I think the full size itself is worth the price since they seem to be affordable and you get 16 shadows! don't forget about the 4 blushes that are included as well.

POP Beauty:
We were given these Pouty Pop Crayons (I believe there were different colors being given out).  I received coral crush, which is a beautiful sheer pink shade.  It's a nice nude pink.  It is quite similar to the Victoria Secret Gloss tints ,Elf Lip Gloss Sticks and Tarte's Lipsurgence.  It twists up from the bottom and has a minty scent to it.  It feels quite moisturizing but a bit on the heavy side.  I do like these I think they go on smoothly and are very pretty but they don't last that long.  I am also not sure if they are sold individually but they do sell a set of 6 for $25.

I am glad I resubscribed to Ipsy.  I think they came a long way from where they were in the beginning.  The products are great and I have no complaints this(last) month.  We got something for the hair, the skin, the eyes and the lips--whats the complain about?  It was a great bag and I enjoyed it!

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