Mac Summer Rose Beauty Powder Review, Photos & Swatches

Mac Beauty Powder:
Price: $30
Availability: CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet)
Weight: 11g
Line: A Rose Romance

Hello again!  I was fortunate enough to receive this in a swap with my friend Melissa.  I was so excited because I wanted it when it came out but could not let myself spend the $30 on it.  I've seen it at the cco before and mentioned it to her and she was kind enough to get it for me =).

So I couldn't find the beauty powders section on the Mac website but I think they come out with them when they have a new line coming up.  Mac describes them as a highlight, soft blush, or overall finish.”  This one in particular is more of a soft blush. Mac's beauty powders are not as pigmented as their blushes but can be used as a blush (if you don't mind using multiple layers).


From left to right: swatched 1x, swatched 2x

On the Face:
I used a heavy hand while applying this so you guys can see the color of the powder on my skin tone.  I would personally layer this on 2x instead of 1x because I couldn't really see it the first time.

  • Gives a soft natural blushed look
  • Works on most skine-tones
  • Price
  • Not for girls with a darker complexion
  • Chalky

  I love Mac blushes but I would pass up on the beauty powders.  I don't really use powder on my face since I have dry skin and I prefer liquid highlighters, so that only leaves the subtle blush option for me.  This is more of a powder to sheer blush.  As sheer as it is, it can go on as chalky during application as well.  Mac's powder blushes are also a few bucks cheaper, I would recommend getting those instead of spending $30 on the beauty powder.

If you like the eye look and want the product info, be sure to check out this makemeup post!

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