Hydroxatone Am/Pm Anti-Wrinkle Complex Review, Swatches & Photos

L'oreal Nude Magic Liquid Powder:
Price: $69.95/ 1 FL. OZ
Availability: Dermstore, Hydroxatone.com
Cruelty Free: Unknown
Paraben Free: Yes
Claims: "Hydroxatone® AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex contains three key ingredients that targets several signs of aging"

Although I am only 26, known as still young by some and old by others (hence my younger brother lol) but I have been using some anti-aging products.  This moisturizer is one of them.  I can't exactly describe the scent of the product but it can be a bit strong at times.  I guess you can say it smells a bit like sunscreen.  It can be used  during the day and at night and contains spf 15.  It's great for the day time with the spf 15 but it's also good to keep the skin hydrated at night when you're sleeping.  Hydroxatone claims that this moisturizer should: Erase the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone, improve radiance & increases skin hydration.  Not sure if it erased the appearance of any fine lines or uneven skin tone but I did notice my skin appear a bit more radiant.  I did not really feel it increase my skin's hydration but it did leave my skin feeling a bit oily and I have really dry skin.

You can see in the photos below that  this moisturizer is quite thick.  It's great for my dry skin and certainly does leave my skin feeling moisturized but it does feel a bit greasy.  Along with the greasy feeling it also leaves the skin looking oily/shiny.  I would not recommend this for people with oily skin.  Not sure if it was a bad reaction to the spf or the product itself but I did break out a bit.  It may be the oily feeling left on my skin but it also does not do well with most products that smells like sunscreen or has spf in it.

  • Moisturizes
  • Leaves skin looking radiant
  • Thick 
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Greasy residue
  • Expensive
  • Sunscreen scent

  Like every product there is always something to like and dislike about it.  I like that it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized but the greasy feeling it leaves is a complete turn off.  For someone with dry skin I would normally like some shininess to it but the grease/oiliness doesn't seem to fade either.  The scent is also a big turn off.. I'm not a fan of sunscreen scented products.  Then again I'm not the best person to describe scents so don't take my word on it =.=.  The price is also up there but most products that have anti-aging ingredients in them are pricey.  Just know if you want to try anti-aging products get ready to invest the money into them as well.

Disclaimer: Sample products were sent to me for product review from Ifabbo & Hydroxatone, as always everything is my honest opinion.


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    1. ya, aside from the sunscreen scent and greasy feeling it worked but yes it is expensive. A lot of the products from this brand are =(


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