Ipsy - Classic Beauty (September 2013)

Hello Hello! This month's Ipsy theme is Classic Beauty!  I was excited to see the products we might get in our bags but was a little disappointed but hey, not everyone will be completely satisfied.

The Bag: September
This month's bag is a beautiful blue with different black patterns on it that include flowers and a butterfly.  I don't love it but I don't hate it either, just another bag I will be handing over to my mom to put who knows what in it lol.

John Freida:
I received a deluxe/travel size sample (1.5 fl oz) of the Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, it is suppose to give shine, revive and repair overworked hair.  The full size goes for about $7-8, so it's quite affordable.  I can't exactly describe the scent but it is a little strong at first but it slowly fades.  I don't see a huge difference in my hair when using this product compared to my nunaat shampoo and aussie conditioner.  It does help to give volume but I don't really see the shine.

Elizabeth Mott:
I got another mascara sample in my bag (I also got one in my bag last month, BOO HOO), I got the It's So Big Volumizing Mascara in a sample size version. My lashes look curled after each coat but don't be fooled, it wasn't the mascara that kept my curl.  I re-curled my lashes after each new coat, starting with 1 coat in the first photo, 2 in the second and 3 on the third.  I did notice it lengthening my lashes with each coat, they also appeared thicker when another coat was applied.  This mascara was very light weight and certainly did not smudge on my eyes.  It was also easy to remove, however, the price is up there.  The price for this mascara is $19 for the full-size that contains 10ml.

It seems as though they put a starlooks product in our bags every other month.  Not complaining as I do like the brand but I was hoping for another brand that I have not tried.  I received their Kohl Eye Penciul in Obsidian,which is a matte black eyeliner pencil.  I like their eyeliners because they are creamy enough to go on effortlessly but they do tend to smudge if not set with an eyeshadow.  It's priced for $12 and I did receive the full size in my bag.

I do enjoy getting NYX in my bags because I think they're great.  Their products are inexpensive and quite pigmented, for example this Single Eye Shadow in Sparkle White is only $4.50.  Also, what's great about getting NYX products is that they are always fullsize!  The shade has a frosty white finish to it, that makes it great for an highlighter or on the inner corner of the eyes.

 em Cosmetics:
I was quite disappointed in this post card sample.  This sample was in all Ipsy bags and is only meant to help us feel the texture and pigmentation of the products.  The card itself was nice and I think an example of the packaging for Michelle's make-up line.  This sample included 1 blush and 3 shadows.  The sample sucks though.. I threw it out after swatching it. I hope that they plan on giving real samples in the future.  I think that it would be great if they did.  The shadows and blush however were great when swatched.  The colors are pretty and they are quite pigmented.  The life palettes however is overpriced in my opinion ($75) but you get blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks in the palette.

I don't have many complaints about this month's bag, just 1 really and that has to be the shampoo and conditioner being counted as 2 separate items.  I understand the sizes are great but seriously? they should be counted as 1.  For $10 this bag wasn't bad at all.

That's it!  I'll see you back here for Wednesday's post. BYE!



  1. heres the link to my review : http://mkhandwani.blogspot.ca/2013/09/ipsy-september-bag-2013.html

  2. Love the john frieda collection ..


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