NOTD: Tribal on Nude & DIY Nude Nail Polish (3 ways)

Woohoo Manicure Monday!  This is an old manicure I had posted on my instagram but never posted on here, so I thought why not!  I made my own nude polish for the base and did 3 coats to reach my desired color.  The mint polish really stands out on top of the nude, doesnt it?  I seem to always get bubbles when I apply my top coat.  Anyone have any idea why that might be?

Product List:
  • Thumb, Index, Middle & Pinky: DIY Nude Polish (Base) & China Glaze Re-freshmint (Stamped & Tips)
  • Ring: China Glaze Re-freshmint & Finger Paints Silver Crackle
  • Base & Top coat: Start to Finish by OPI
  • Stamping Plate: Mash 42

DIY: YOUR Perfect Nude Nail Polish:
This is a fool proof way to get the perfect nude polish for your skin-tone.  How?  Well basically the first thing you need to grab is a clear polish, if you purchase nail polish sets like me then you probably have several clear polishes laying around unused.  The second thing you need and this is where the 'perfect nude' comes into play, is some of your face powder (I used a mineral powder).  The reason why this will be YOUR perfect nude is because you're using a powder that fits your own skin tone.  You can use 1 coat for a sheer nude or layer the coats to achieve the color you want.

Version 1- The problem with doing it this way is that the nail polish gets thick quickly and you waste more product.

Version 2- I used my cuticle remover tool to help put the powder into the bottle.  The problem with this way is that it might get a little messy, so make sure to have a paper towel or paper underneath.

Version 3- Doing it this way takes a few more steps but it is less messy!

The only issue some people may have with this is that when the coats get layered after another it gets darker instead of staying the same color. Don't add too much powder though or it will make the polish too thick for use (unless you have nail polish thinner).  Be sure to add thin layers or else you will get bubbles.  The powder may settle to the bottom of the bottle and the polish may look foggy after a while when it is not being used  but no worries!  Just rub the bottle in between your palms until it is mixed well and you can use it as if you just made a new bottle!

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing your projects with us nail obsessed ladies. I make mine from a white base, & add my chocolates to it until I reach my desired shade.I usually like an opaque nude since my nail beds were damaged.

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