Costume Discounters Costume Wig Review (Cambria Two-Tone)

You might recognize this wig from my Pop Art Halloween look on Wednesday.  The flash in those photos did not do the wig any justice.  The photo above is the accurate color of the wig in person.  The brand of the wig is Leg Avenue and they are pretty popular for their Halloween costumes but I purchased my wig from

So I got is the " Cambria Two-Toned" in Fuchsia and Pink, their price is $26.97.  They have a variety of wigs on their website but this one caught my eye.  I love pink but am certainly not bold enough to dye it pink so a wig is perfect for me. 

First Impressions:

I was a bit iffy at first because the first wig I ever owned was a let down, however, this one is great!  It's much more comfortable and softer than my previous one.  It's soft to the touch, the colors are vibrant and it doesn't itch!  It is a little snug but it can be stretched to fit my head size/shape.  I love the pink in the wig it's so girly and cute.  The wig is also wavy so it has texture to it, the texture can give off a sexy vibe or an innocent anime vibe depending on the make-up you have on or the look you are going for.

  • Long length
  • Stretchable to fit head size
  • Is exactly like the photo (but when taken with flash it appears much brighter)
  • Fast Shipping
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Wavy (adds texture)
  • Colors blend beautifully (more ombre versus dip dye)
  • Affordable

  • Can get tangled
  • Doesn't look natural (but bright wigs usually don't)

Final Thoughts:

I gave this product 3 out of 5 hearts because I really like the wig but of course it's not an everyday wear thing.  It's comfortable, affordable, soft, pretty and the wig net is stretchable.  It's a great wig to wear for costume parties or when you just want to stand out.  A wig that doesn't itch and is affordable?  Count me in. I recommend giving it a try, grab it so you can have it next halloween!  I can't wait for next Halloween to try out more wigs!

Disclosure:   I received this product for review purchases from their pr team.  As always my review is 100% my honest opinion.

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