Make Me Up: Mac's Cranberry is Tempting & I Topped it off with some Red Velvet

Product List:
E/S: Mac Cranberry, Tempting & Shroom
Eyebrows: ELF Studio Brow Lifter & Filler in Light
Eyeliner: Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen
Cheeks: Mac Peaches
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet
Circle Lenses: EyeTeck Iris Grey
False Lashes: eBay

Bring out the cranberries, muted reds and plums ladies because Fall is here!!!  This has certainly been one of my go to looks for fall.  If you saw my recent monthly favorites then you saw Mac's Cranberry eyeshadow on the list!  If you haven't no problem you can see it here.  When I'm not using cranberry, I'm using tempting all over the lids.  Both colors are must haves for anyone that loves Mac eyeshadows!

The Look:

Planning on wearing this look anytime soon?... say Halloween?  Stay tuned for friday because I will be transforming this look into a halloween zombie look.  Using the same colors and a little bit of blood!

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