Make Me Up: Masquerade in the evening goes Beauty Bandit/Cat Burglar at Night (Halloween Edition)

Product List:
E/S & Mask: Elf Jumbo stick in Midnight Rendezvous & Victoria Secret Masquerade Palette (Holiday 2011)
Eyeliner: UD 24/7 in Zero
Cheeks: Nyx Creme in Rose Petal
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
False Lashes: eBay

The only difference in both looks is really the cloths and hair.  Changing from something glamorous to all black is what helps make the cat burglar costume.  The best part about dressing up as any burglar/bandit for Halloween is that you don't need to spend a bunch of money!!  All you need is black pants, if you want to make it sexy wear some latex, leather leggings or tight pants.  You will also need a black top, I just used a sweater and of course your cat ears.  You can get cute cat ears at the .99¢ or $1 store, you can even make your own!

The Mask:
The mask is fairly easy.  Just outline the design of your choice around your eyes.  I used my eyebrows as a guide.  After outlining, I just filled in the rest of the mask and did my eye makeup.  You can end at this step and call yourself the Beauty Bandit/Cat Burglar or you can do a few more steps for a quick masquerade look.

All you need is a paper edge punch or you can just find an outline online (print and cut of course).  I used white paper and just painted it with black face paint but you can use black paper to make it easier.  Tear some parts to fit the curves of the mask and use eyelash glue to stick the paper to your skin.  BTW I like to get my punches at Ross or Marshalls for about $4-5.  It is much cheaper than actual craft stores.

The Look:
For my 'Masquerade' look, I wore a pink top with ivory lace on the top of the shirt and sleeves with some leggings.  I also did a fishtail braid (tugged at the sides to make it appear thicker) and curled some hair to frame my face.

After mingling at the masquerade and figuring out who your targets are, go ahead and grab your clothes for a wardrobe change! and BAM! Instant Cat Burglar.  Of course wearing a ponytail is more practical but hey I like my hair down and this is a costume right?  We're not really heading to a masquerade to steal from people =p

Don't forget the ears!  Just cut some wide triangles and fold in the center and the bottom of the triangle.  Grab a headband, wear as usual and tuck in the folded edge on the bottom under the headband.  The fold in the center of the triangle will help it appear more cat like.

 JACKPOT! Muahahah I found myself a pretty little gem!  So what do you think? An easy and inexpensive Halloween look.  Great for a last minute get up.

What are you doing for Halloween?  Dressing up? Partying?  I sadly will be staying in doing homework =(.  Be sure to stay tuned to my blog and I will see you back here for Mani Monday.

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