Make Me Up: Zombie Starship (Halloween Edition)

Product List:
E/S: Mac's Cranberry, Tempting & Shroom & Shadowy Lady
Eyebrows: ELF Studio Brow Lifter & Filler in Light & Medium
Eyeliner: UD 24/7 in Zero
Cheeks: Mac Peaches
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet
Circle Lenses: EyeTeck Iris Grey
False Lashes: eBay
Blood: Dollar Store

This is an extension to my recent MMU post.. you can view here if you have not read it yet. 

I was originally trying to go for a vampire look but my vampire teeth didn't fit =.=  Plus my mom said I look more like a zombie than a vampire.  Now I know you're probably wondering where the "starship" part fits in.  Well it really doesn't lol.  My latest tv show addiction is Super Natural and there is an episode where Dean names these "demons" because they didn't know what they were and he named them Jefferson Starships.  Basically they have crazy teeth and sort of eat people.  SO I just added it onto the zombie part of the title.  DON'T JUDGE ME! =p

The Look:

All I did was add some more tempting to my crease to deepen and darken the look.  I also applied shadowy lady on my outer corner and right below tempting.  Then I mixed cranberry & tempting together to give myself the appearance of dark circles.  You can deepen the look by using a dark grey or black for a more intense look.  I also took my UD eyeliner in zero and drew on vertical zig zag lines and slightly blended them out with my finger (looks like veins; inspired by Vampire Diaries).

I lightly contoured my jawline, right below my cheeks and temples with shadowy lady to help define the face a bit.

What in the world am I doing with a knife?  Zombies don't use knives!

Don't worry I'm not really a zombie!!  It's all for fun, see the smiles!  Or is it more of a hidden sinister grin?  Muahahahaha

Beware!  He may look sweet but he is my little sidekick and he will TEAR YOU UP!

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@hiiyooitscatb).  It's where I upload my looks after I do them, most of the time waaay before I make the post on here.  P.S:  Yes I know my eyebrows were off!  I did this at night and apparently didn't realize I grabbed the darker eyebrow pencil without blending properly until I saw the photos =.=.


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    1. Thanks!! for some reason I love doing zombie type looks for halloween lol


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