Ipsy - The Art of Beauty (October 2013)

Another Ipsy bag!!  This month's theme is "The Art of Beauty"!  Now, doesn't that sound fancy and inspirational?  I received 5 products in my bag this month & it arrived on the 15th.  Neither slow or fast.. just right on time.  I like how some of the products match the colors of the bag, ties it all together =).

The Bag: October
The bag is an classic Ipsy bag design.  It's white with burgandy lettering on the front while the inside is burgandy as well as the zipper and zipper pull that says Ipsy on it.  Not much of a fan of the bag design, mainly because it's white and I'm worried it'll get dirty too quick.  My mom is much cleaner than I am.. so this will be going to her.

Zoya: .5 fl.oz for $8 (full size)
Another full sized Zoya nail polish.  Isn't ipsy great?  I think I've said it before but most beauty subscription boxes give the mini bottles out as samples, so I am always surprised when I get a full size of zoya.  This specific  polish (Mason) is from their Cashmeres and Satins Fall collection.  It went on beautifully and certainly is great for fall.  It's a gorgeous purple pink metallic with little gold flakes.  *I used 2 coats in the swatches

Bella Terra: 2.5g for $15 (full size)
I also received a little less than full size (2g) of Bella Terra's Mineral Shimmer in Navy.   I was really surprised at how little fall out there was when I used this product.  I like the results of using loose pigments but I really don't like how messy they can be.  I noticed that you can get a more intense look if you use your fingers to pat on the shadow but then that would be extremely messy.  The pigment was also easy to blend.  The mineral shimmer was swatched on my hand alone without a primer but for the eye look it was used over Blinc eye primer.  I also sprayed a little water on my brush then picked up some of the mineral shimmer to line my eyes.  Not sure if you can see a difference but it gives a nice metallic look (with 0 fallout).

Mac Shroom (highlight), Mac Texture (crease), Bella Terra Navy shimmer (lid)

Coastal Scents: $2.49 (single brush)
A Medium Shadow Brush by Coastal Scents was also in my bag.  Do you remember when Coastal Scents was all the YT gurus would talk about? before BH got big.  I don't hear too much about them now but I do remember how much positive reviews their brushes got.  I'm glad I finally got a chance to try one out.  The medium brush is made out of natural hairs but they also have one made out of synthetic hair if you prefer that one.  It is really soft and a bit dense (not flimsy at all).  This brush is great to pat on loose pigments and lightly blend them out (used with the mineral pigment above).  I think it works well and has a great price but it's not all that special.  Not something I would pay crazy shipping for.  If I remember correctly shipping prices were the reason I never purchased from them but for some reason I can't get the shipping info from the website right now.

LA Fresh: 30 scented wipes for $10 (full size)
There was a small pack (10 wipes) of cleanser wipes in my bag from LA Fresh as well.  These cleanser wipes are oil free & paraben free.  The wipes smell like citrus baby-wipes. On the packaging it states that it "gently cleanses & detoxifies, removes light makeup".  So use something else for any heavy coverage foundation or waterproof makeup.  This seemed to do the job for removing my bb cream.  I actually didn't read the caution part of the packaging and it says "avoid contact with eyes".  OOPS!  I also used it to remove my eye make and mascara.  Don't worry though it didn't sting or irritate it but did take some time to remove the makeup.  Definitely made for the face and not eye makeup.

Sexy Hair: 1.4oz for $8 (travel size) and 4.4oz for $19 (full size)
One thing I can say about this spray is that it smells good!!  I can't really describe it but it's sort of a fresh scent.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well I am talking about Sexy Hair's Spray Clay. I'm usually not a fan of hair products in my bags (especially shampoos) but I have to say I like this.  It's sort of like sea salt spray without the sea salt.  I like using it with second day curled or waved hair also after my hair has been up and in a bun all day.  It really helps give my hair more texture and it looks great.  Sorry I didn't take any photos =.=

I don't have many complaints about this bag.  I wasn't thrilled about the cleanser wipes because I thought they were makeup wipes (able to remove eye makeup) but it's more for the face and not something I really look forward to using.  I prefer using my Noxema daily scrub, there is just something nice about feeling the exfoliating beads on my skin.  I could have did without the eyeshadow brush but ehh another to add to my collection =).  I can honestly say I enjoyed trying out the products in this bag and will be keeping most of them.

Missed out on last months bag?  You can view all my Ipsy reviews HERE.. If you are interested in subscribing, it is a monthly $10 subscription where you get 5 sample products to try.  HINT: most of the time they are full size or deluxe travel size.  You can sign up HERE (referral link)

So how about it readers.. what did you get in your ipsy bags?


  1. The Ipsy bag seems like a good deal. My favorites from your bag were the nail polish and the bag itself because of the phrase :)

    1. It is!! I mean the nail polish itself is $8 and I only pay $10 for the whole bag =). Ya the phrase is great inspiration and motivation =). Thanks BUNNY! <3


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