Geo Princess Mimi (Bambi Series) Circle Lenses Review + Photos

Geo Princess Mimi (Bambi series) in Green Apple:
Price: $21.50
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Life-span: 1 year disposal
Headline: "The Geo Princess Mimi lens is for those who are playful at heart. Available in three colors – grey, brown and green for just $21.50 it will make you the centre of attraction. The black rim circle lens giving an amazing big eye effect. With 38% to 42% water content your eyes would remain relaxed and fresh throughout the day and you will feel beautiful and confident wearing these lenses."

Hello Hello! I posted a review yesterday on the EOS Adult Grey circle lenses (you can read it HERE) from Lensvillage and I am back with another review!  However, this one is for a different pair/brand.  The lenses I will be reviewing today are the oh so popular Geo Princess Mimi circle lenses in Apple Green from the Bambi series.

I say popular because a lot of people were raving about them when they first came out.  I think these became very popular because Tsubasa Masuwaka (a japanese gyaru icon) is the model for them.  Plus they look very pretty!

Each individual lense came in it's own glass vial filled with liquid (the bottles have a specific way of opening--how to will be below).  They were also kind enough to send me these cute animal contact lenses cases.

 Color, Size and Comfort:

The color of these lenses look a bit dark against my dark brown eyes, however, the green still shows up.  It just looks like a darker green.  When I am in direct sunlight or a bright lit room the green seems to look a bit brighter.  The main reason these lenses are so pretty and popular are because of the tri-color effect it has.  They have a defined black rim on the outside then inside is the bright green and deeper within the circle you can see it has yellow.  The way the pattern is designed on these lenses is what makes them very pretty and wearable for every person.

These lenses are 15mm so they do give you an appearance of larger eyes.  They do give you the dolly effect without looking abnormal.  Which means that you can achieve the cute dolly look effect with these lenses but still look quite natural.  I think they look very natural because they aren't as bright as other lenses against my dark brown eyes..

They are very soft and easy to put on being 15mm.  I would think the bigger the lenses are the harder they are to apply but these were actually very easy.  I did not feel any discomfort with them on.  They look and feel very natural.  One of the good things about these lenses is that they did not irritate my eyes and were comfortable to wear throughout the day (6+hours).

  • Color appears very natural
  • Comfortable (feels natural & did not dry out my eyes)
  • Pattern is awesome (tri-colored)
  • Shows up great in photos with and without flash
  • Gives dolly effect while still looking natural
  • Affordable
  • They appear darker indoors and under dim lights (but are true to color in bright lit rooms or direct sunlight)

 Opening Bottles:

 These are probably one of my favorite circle lenses.  I am in love with the pattern and how natural they look and feel.  I hope to try the other 3 colors.  I really want to try out the sesame grey and almond.  They are extremely comfortable, do not dry out my eyes and although the color shows up dark at times you can still tell they are green lenses on my dark brown eyes.  I also like that they give me the dolly effect without looking like I'm an alien.  I think that if you can get a pair of pretty and comfortable circle lenses for under $25 you should go for it.  These are only $21.50 over at  You also get a free animal case with every pair of lenses you buy.  I really want the pink and teal ones! They are so adorable.

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