Monthly Favorites (January 2014)



  1. Lush Ocean Salt
  2. Benefit Hervana Blush
  3. Aveeno Lotion $10.69
  4. ELF Baked Highlighters in Moonlight Pearls & Blushed Gems
  5. Bath and Body Works Gelato Wallflower
  6. VS Love Spell Mist: $12 // Gift set $22

1) My friend Melissa gave me two samples of Lush's Ocean Salt & I fell in love.  It's great!  It makes my skin glow brighter and feels soft.  The sea salt really exfoliates the dry patches well.  It smells like sea salt & lime, just divine.  It reminds me of how my skin feels when I rinse after being in the ocean, super smooth. 2) I have been grabbing  Benefit's Hervana Blush a lot recently.  It goes well with my natural looks.  It also gives the skin a nice glow while giving a natural flush of color.  The packaging is a bit bulky and unnecessary but I love the colors and design on it.  3) Aveeno's Skin Relief Lotion has been a lifesaver this winter.  My skin recently became really dry, I mean dry patches on my legs, arms and chest.  I purchased this lotion and it works extremely well, before I knew it my skin felt moisturized and youthful.  It is fragrance free and a little more on the thicker side which is what makes it work.  I dislike those watery lotions.. I feel like they don't do anything for me.  4) I have been using ELF's baked highlighters on both my eyes and face . I love using Blush Gems on my lid and Moonlight Pearls on my brow-bone and above my cheeks.  They have certainly been my go to products everyday and for $3?  You can't really beat the price.  I actually bought it when they had 50% site wide and got them for $1.50!  Isn't it amazing? REVIEW WILL BE UP SOON   5) I love candles and wall flowers.  They make my skin smell so good!  Helps a lot since I eat in my room too lol. Bath & Body works Gelato has been one of my favorite scents recently.  I purchased both the candle and wall flowers.  It says the pack of 2 is $12.50 on their website but I bought mine for $5 during the semi-sale.  They always have sales and coupons, so I suggest waiting till then to buy them.  The wallflowers can be tricky because some can smell different once plugged in, however, Gelato smells the same in the bottle as it does plugged. 6)  Love Spell was the only scent I use to wear in high-school.  My mom bought me a set from Victoria Secret during the holidays and it just brought back those memories.  I forgot how much I loved the scent and am so happy she picked it.  If you haven't smelled it, I recommend you do!

  1. Demi Lovato // Let it Go
  2. Chester See // God Damn You're Beautiful (original) // Say Something (cover) // Heart Attack (cover)
  3. Lady Gaga // Do What You Want

  1. Frozen
  2. Turbo
  3. Chicago PD
  4. Chicago Fire
  5. Revenge
  1. Chicken Tequila Fettuccine
  2. Spinach + Artichoke Dip

Well that's it for my monthly favorites aka current obsessions.  I don't have any favorite apps at the moment except candy crush but didn't feel the need to add it.  I also have some bad news.. my camera fell into water so I will be camera-less for a while.  Fortunately, I was able to extract some photos off of the SD card that was inside.  I should be getting a new camera in a few weeks =)

How about it readers!  Share you're current obsessions with me in the comment section below!


  1. Hervana looks so beautiful, I really want to try it! :) x

    1. Swatch it next time you're at the store.. you will love it!

  2. Replies
    1. =)! I still have so much product left.. as if I haven't dipped into it yet lol


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