Monthly Favorites (February 2014)


  1. Victoria Secret Nail Laquer // Dream On
  2. Maybelline Color Tattoo // Inked In Pink
  3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure// Red My Lips
  4. Mirror Aviator Sunglasses // #08 Golden Frame + Green Lens
  5. Pop Beauty Plump Pout // Peony Petal
  6. Cool Betty Golden Ratio: Shade 02 // Use code: CBH10 for 10% off

1) I believe I bought Victoria Secret's 'Dream On' polish between November-January.  It has so much sparkle and is just beautiful, I recommend all of my friends to try it on when they can.  I do have to say if you put too many layers on.. it will eventually peel off your nails. 2) I recently purchased Maybelline's Color Tattoo in 'Inked In Pink' and you know how much I love my color tattoos.  It is pretty and subtle.. also the lightness and metallic-ness of the cream shadow doesn't make your eyes look swollen or tired.  It's a great way to add some color to your lids without going out of your comfort zone if you're more of a neutral shades kind of person.  3) SH 'Red My Lips' has really been a favorite this month.  There are only a few reds I keep in my collection and this is one of them.  It's not too dark yet not too bright but perfect for my taste.  The consistency of the polish is also very good. 4) It's been a bit cold lately and windy but still a little sunny.  I have several inexpensive sunglasses but I have been wearing these Mirrored Aviators.  It's pretty cool actually,  it looks blue in some angles and green in others.  I also own another one in Gold/Pink.  They're about $4 on ebay but you can tell it's cheap quality.  If you don't care about the quality I say grab it.  5) I received the Pop Beauty Lip Plump in my Ipsy bag earlier this month and have been using it every day since.  It's not overly sticky and is opaque enough with just one swipe.  6)   You know I love my highlighters right?  A girl needs that extra something to add a little radiance to her look and for me it's been Cool Betty's Golden Ratio.  They have two shades #01 (a gold with irridescent pink -think Benefit's moonbeam) and #02 (a satin pink - think Benefit's highbeam), speaking of which have you read my review of Benefit's Highbeam liquid highlighter yet? You can get this Golden Ratio at  I also have a coupon code (CBH10) for 10% off at

  1. Jessica Simpson // I Wanna Love You Forever
  2. Imagine Dragons // Demons
  3. Mandy Moore // Have A Little Faith In Me

  1. Pretty Little Liars -- This season is going great so far =)
  2. The Following -- I'm interested in seeing how this season will end

Apps: (I own a Samsung Galaxy S3)
  1. FIT Radio Workout Music
  2. NTC (Nike Training Club)
  1. Thai Yellow Chicken Curry
  2. Baked Lemon & Garlic Tilapia (recipe) with Baked Sweet Potato

Well that's it for my monthly favorites aka my current obsessions. Last month I had bad news that my camera broke and had to use my cell phone to take photos for my recent blog posts.  I am excited to say that I bought a new one!  Well technically a close friend of mine bought it for me.  THANK YOU!  I now own the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX80.. still trying to figure out all the settings on it but it's a simple point and shoot camera.

How about it readers!  Share you're current obsessions with me in the comment section below!
 Disclosure:  I received the Cool Betty Golden Ratio as a press sample..

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