Monthly Wishlist (February 2014)


  1. Lorac Unzipped Palette // $40
  2. Lorac Pro Palette // $42
  3. Benefit Rockateur Blush/Highlighter // $28
  4. Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes // $5.99 @Ulta (they have a bogo sale) and $4.99 @Target 

I went to Ulta recently and finally saw Lorac's Unzipped Palette and it is beautiful!  I also spotted Lorac's Pro Palette right next to it.  Unfortunately for me, they were both sold out.  Both palettes are really pretty and quite pigmented when I swatched them.  I really should of grabbed the Pro during the holidays when they had it in a set for $38.  I wasn't a fan of Benefit's Rockateur blush at first because I thought it was waaay too shimmery.  However, I swatched it and fell in love.  It gives such a beautiful rose gold glow, it's perfect as a highlighter.  I also spotted the Revlon Parfumerie polishes for buy one get one 50% off.  I've seen them before at target and was tempted to grab them but the colors didn't interest me much.  However, after seeing swatches online I want Italian Leather, Spun Sugar, Lavender Soap & African Tea Rose

Well that is my latest wish list.  I still have products from my last wish list to get (as well as previous ones) but I am glad to say that I bought the Inked in Pink color tattoo and it is currently in this month's monthly favorites.  I had a chance to pick up the Revlon polishes but I went with the Naked3 instead ☻.  I try to get at least 1 or 2 products per month from my wishlists depending on the price, that way I don't go shopping crazy and buy too many products at once lol.

So, how do you juggle all of your wish list products each month?  Do you have a priority list? or do you get whichever goes on sale first?



Thank you for reading, I would love to read your comments ♥

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