Daiso Haul // Pink Overload!

They finally opened a Daiso Japan near me back in March 2013 and I love it!  It has so many cute items for the home and make-up.  'Everything'  is $1.50 unless otherwise stated (meaning there is another price tag on it - which will range from $1-$5) but I would say everything is just about $1.50.  There are probably only a few items that are over $1.50.   I go to the one in Koreatown but there is one in San Gabriel as well that is much bigger.  The products in my post can be found at the one in San Gabriel, the only product I found at the one in K-Town is the eyebrow pencil.  I assume all locations vary, so if there is anything that you like in my post check out your local Daiso!

Storage: $1.50
Not exactly sure what this is for but I think it can be used to store many things.  It also came in the colors light blue and white.  I don't have anything stored in it at the moment but I think it's nice to display on my vanity.

Storage: $1.50
This goes along with the item above.  Of course, you can buy one or the other but I loved this (so of course I had to get it too).  There were many that were broken.. I guess people had a hard time trying to open it and broke it while trying.  Fortunately, I found one that was not broken.  It looks nice next to the same designed storage above.  I currently keep a pair of rings in it.  I really wasn't planning on placing anything in these boxes and just bought them for display but they come in handy for dainty items.

Lash Case: $1.50
Isn't this cute?!! I know everything I purchased is pink, I promise I did not go into the store determined to buy only pink products.  What can I say?  My eyes tend to see  and my body tends to move towards the cute stuff  and anything pink.. just ask my friend Thanyra she can vouch for me.  They had other lash cases but those weren't as decorative.  If you wanted one that was more plain they had those clear plastic rectangular cases.  These are mostly used to store the lashes that you have worn already or for travel.  It doesn't only help store your lashes but it also keeps the curve on the base of the lashes.

Lashes From top to bottom: Ebay & Kiss Ez Lashes

Eyebrow Pencil: $1.50
I can't tell you the brand of this because I couldn't read the the wording on the packaging.  They have a variety of brow pencils to choose from but I went with this one because it's retractable and it has a flat edge.  The pencil is on one end and the spoolie brush is on the other.  It works quite well actually and I would repurchase it.  They have 3 colors - natural brown, brown & dark brown.  I purchased the one in natural brown.

On My Vanity:
I currently have my items displayed on my vanity.  I'll probably put my eyebrow pencil in its correct place as well as the lash case but who knows... I might just keep it this way.

Their products are really inexpensive but some products aren't great.  For instance, I bought a pair of tweezers previously and they just don't do the job for plucking any hairs so I use them for my nail art (picking up rhinestones, etc).  For $1.50 I can't complain but at least I know not to purchase them again.  I am happy with everything shown in this post though.  The lash case is great for my lashes and the two pink storage boxes give my vanity a girly touch without being childish.


  1. wow so cute!


  2. OMG its so pretty <3
    Followed you! :) Hope you follow back
    Love, Shabana

  3. Ahh, I just went to the daiso near us a few weeks ago for the first time. I loved how inexpensive everything was, but in ours they also had an anime section and hello kitty. Those were way over the usual daiso prices, but it was amazingly fun! I wish ours had eyelash cases. That's one of the few things in life I seem to be having the hardest time getting my hands on.

    xx MochaLexy⋆

    1. ooh! ours doesn't have an anime or HK section. Sounds fun! I love going here. The lash case section was near the makeup but on the side. I'll be posting a photo on instagram of the section in a few minutes (@hiiyooitscatb). I hope the store near you gets them, the one in K-town doesn't have them either. I noticed that they have them in the bigger ones versus smaller ones.


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