Born Pretty Store Angled Flat Top Brush Review & Photos

Angled Foundation/Concealer Flat Top Brush:
Price: $3-$5
Material: Artificial Fiber
Claims: "High quality,soft feel and very helpful. A good tool for make-up."

This is the last item from my package for review from  There will be a promo code to use to save 10% off at their website.

I was really excited to get this brush because I was looking for a brush for my under-eye concealer.  The claim is that this brush is high quality.. I wouldn't say it is high quality but it is soft to the touch.  I'm not sure if it's because it is artificial fiber but when I tried using it by stroking the foundation  it made a weird noise and did feel a little weird.  It also leaves streaks if you apply your foundation in strokes.  Since it is an angled flat top brush it did not work well buffing in circular motions either.  It works really well when patting/tapping in your foundation and concealer.

 I did deep clean the brush and did not notice any fall out or anything from the bristles.  In the photos below you might notice the cracking on the handle.  It's my fault for leaving it out on my roof.  I usually go on my roof to take photos in direct sunlight for my blog.  I forgot to bring it back down with me and left it up there.  The next few days it was pouring rain out here and then the day after super sunny.  I am sure the weather had a play in the cracking.

Measured in inches

 booo!  paint cracked on my handle

 Revlon colorstay in sand beige was used // I patted in the foundation on the left and brushed downward on the right.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good for concealer
  • Bristles are soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Bristles feel stiff at times

  I had high hopes for this brush but unfortunately I did not love it.  I like it enough to continue using it but this brush didn't impress me.  I do like using it for patting out my concealer but I wish it wasn't so stiff.  Bornprettystore has many other single brushes on their website that I think would work better than this one.  I recommend taking a look around and reading the reviews before deciding on a brush.  They have some that vary from $3-$12.

The promo code to save 10% at is CBH10 (the more people use it the more likely they will offer a giveaway!).  It can be used on any purchase and they offer free shipping world wide.  Have you seen my reviews on other products from bornprettystore?  If not, you can read them here.  I also made a purchase of nail art products from them but I'm still waiting on my package.
Disclosure:  I received the brush as a press sample..

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