I'm on Youtube?!?? | Am I Back?!

Hello!! It's been a long time right?  I would say approximately two years!!  OMG!  I can't believe I've been gone so long.  Where have I been?  I have been working at a preschool center as one of the classroom teachers and my camera broke back in 2015.  A friend bought me a new camera last year as a graduation gift but I couldn't find the inspiration to come back.  A lot of the items I had planned on reviewing were already half used (who wants pictures of used products.. uhh no-one!).  Working took most of my time where I would go home and just take a long Cat nap!  Then I would wake up for dinner and go back to sleep. Basically I would be stressed out and overly exhausted!

Enough of that... Why am I here now?  I decided to try to get back into it.. I miss reviewing products and doing makeup looks when I had the time.  This time it's different and I need your support.  I will be trying to keep this blog updated with a post when I can but I have started a YOUTUBE channel!  If you are reading this.. take a few minutes to check out my channel and give me some feedback in the comments section.  If my channel is something you will be interested in, please like and subscribe as well ^-^.  Also, let me know you came from the blog! You can view my 2nd upload below.  Thanks again!

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