DIY | EASY DIY Essentials for Back To School 2017 (BTS)

Schooooool???? I know what you're all thinking... "No she didn't just remind us we have to go back to school next month" uhhh yes I did!  I don't know about you but I always dreaded summer (vacations in general) because I was always so bored!  Back then we had social media but it consisted more of findapix, friendster, xanga, myspace (not what it is now), and AIM.  I had a barely there camera friendly flip phone.  Not to mention my mom gave me a ONE HOUR timer on the computer daily... Not much of a vacation back in the days.  So I was the kid that was overly excited for back to school.  I loved shopping for school supplies, new outfits and of course seeing my friends again!

It's pretty different compared to today right?  With so many social media platforms it's easier to keep in touch with friends and actually enjoy the vacations but it all has to come to an end at some point and I am here to burst your bubble.. ready for it?... SCHOOL STARTS NEXT MONTH!  Yep!  and you wanna be one of the awesome people to have these DIYs.. trust me.. they're gonna be a life saver.  Stay tuned to the end for my youtube video showing you step by step how to make all of these.
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  1. Clearview Highlighers | 
  2. Acetate Sheet | 
  3. Glue Tape Runner |
  4. Glue Gun (my personal favorite) | 
  5. Magnetic Sheets | 
  6.  Magnetic Squares | 
  7. Washi Tape | Marshalls
  8. White Binder | Staples
  9. Post Its | Target + Daiso

the Binder Reminder Insert | 01 
The first DIY is really simple and really basic. I'm bringing it back old school -do people still do this? They probably do right?-  I used to love decorating the cover of my binders.  I mostly had pictures of friends on my binder.  Every few months the pictures would change and people would look for their picture. For this, one I cut out a few images from magazine pages but you can do the same, use poloroids (tumblr look), make a collage online and print or do all the above.. DO YOU!

I added post-it's to this insert because let's face it.. everyone forgets which class they're supposed to be in, where and what period they have it.  This is a simple and friendly reminder for your schedule and you can change it once you got your schedule & routine down. Simple right? On to the next...

the Post-It Dashboard | 02
This DIY is a space saver!  I am a hoarder of post-its, just ask any of my friends that has been to my house.  If there is a cute sticky notes pad at Target or Daiso you can bet I'm making my way there and it's in my cart the second I step into the store.  With so many post-it pads how can a person just pick one or two to put in their pencil bag.. it's just absurd to me.  So I used to stuff my pencil bag -let's be real here.. we all know I use a make-up bag instead- with pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, candy, paper clips and to top it off post-its.  You know the bag got bulky.. so this dashboard is a life saver and a space saver, plus it looks cute and functional what else do you need in your life =)

 ♥ the Magnetic Bookmarks| 03
My favorite DIY in this series!  OMG have you ever had that moment where you stuck a regular bookmark into your book then later on went to open your book and still lost your place?  Happens every time... until, I discovered magnetic book marks!  Can we all take a second and thank the person who came up with this idea -5 second silence- 1--2--3--4--5.  Okay, I'm sure they will appreciate that.. now there are many cute magnetic bookmarks at target, urban outfitters, barnes & noble but you know what's better? Making them yourself.  There are a million and one ways -probably more- to customize your own bookmark.  You can make it small, medium, large, extra large.  You can use printables, scrappbook paper, draw something, your own pictures, poloroids, etc.  The best part?  You WILL NOT lose your place =).  You can place it on any side of the page.. even on the side in the middle -because I always stop reading in the middle of the page- and it won't fall out.  Isn't that great?

Well, that's it for this post.  If you want more detail on the process and to view a tutorial check out the video on my youtube channel - hiiyooitscat.  You can also view the video below.  If you enjoyed this post and the video, please take the time to check out my new YT channel, give it a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe to the channel.  Thank you!

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